Rose Landscape Highlights Top Landscaping Trend This Year

Rose Landscape, the Best Landscaping Designer in Bluffton, SC, featured the top landscaping trend this 2020.

According to the Rose Landscape, people are not only looking at how to design and improve their interiors but their outdoor landscaping. “Having backyard dinner parties and outdoor gatherings are getting more common over the years,” they add. Thus, the company compiled the top landscape design this 2020.

On top of the list is edible gardens. Most homeowners nowadays also want functional gardens. “Over the years, health-conscious people are becoming more meticulous about what they eat and where they get their food. More and more are turning to home-grown vegetables that not only bring color to the garden but also nutritious food on the table,” Rose Landscape states.

More garden owners also prefer to have a small and secluded area to relax and even hold intimate gatherings while enjoying the beautiful greenery.

The Best Landscape Design and Installation Service in Bluffton, SC also says that more homeowners tend to apply minimalism even in their gardens. Many homeowners are now transitioning into sleek and multi-functional designs for their gardens and other outdoor landscapes, they say.

Most homeowners also prefer a more natural-looking garden. It’s low-maintenance, eco-conscious, and gives your yard a more laid-back vibe.

Intricate designs like chevron, waves, lattice, and basketweave patterns and more textured hardscaping materials such as stone, concrete, and bricks are also getting popular. These designs are perfect for walkways, patios, and outdoor fireplaces.

With climate change to consider, native and drought-tolerant plants are also getting more attention. According to Rose Landscape, it’s because of their ability to thrive despite harsh environments with little maintenance needs.

With the advent of technology too, landscape professionals are also incorporating smart technology to gardening. Smart devices are helping more homeowners take care of their gardens more effectively. “One-click irrigation systems, solar-powered outdoor lighting for your plants, and even fireplaces and fountains you can turn on and off via your phone are just some examples of how you can incorporate smart-tech in your outdoor areas,” Rose Landscape says.

Meanwhile, Rose Landscape offers 5-star quality service in landscaping design, installation, and maintenance.

“We, at Rose Landscapes, are known for our creative landscape solutions and exceptional service all over the Southeast. We have excellent landscape architecture designers that can tailor your garden with the latest landscaping trends, and in any way you want it to look,” the company adds.

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