Roper Roofing & Solar Is Offering Slate Roof Repair In Denver For Landlords Welcoming New Tenants

Roper Roofing & Solar, roofing contractors serving Denver and surrounding areas, are offering a wide range of services such as residential roofing, commercial roofing, solar panels, and many other roof-related services. The company has recently published a blog post offering advice on whether homeowners should change the roof after old tenants leave and new tenants move in.

The blog post says that after the former tenants leave, there may be a need for refurbishing and polishing some property areas, especially if the property is aimed at high-worth individuals who demand a level of upkeep from their rentals. On the flip side, it is not viable to replace the rental property's roof each time a tenant leaves. The blog post then goes on to recommend the best strategies for maintaining the roof when a tenant leaves without breaking the bank.

The first point that the article makes is that short-life roofing is the best option for landlords who are running rental properties. Unless it gives a much-needed aesthetic boost, the Roper Roofing blog post recommends avoiding high-quality roofing materials such as metal roofs and clay tiles. Instead, it recommends the use of asphalt or wood shingles that allow the homeowner to replace them with less cost. This is especially true if the property hasn’t been inspected by maintenance specialists during the previous tenancy.

The blog post then recommends using regular roofing maintenance services, allowing the homeowner to nip many major roofing problems in the bud. Regular roofing maintenance ensures that the landlord won't need to replace the roofing material after the previous tenant leaves and a new one arrives. It allows the owner to keep the roof as is and replace it only when it's the end of life of the roofing material. Some problems to keep an eye out for are loose, cracked, or damaged shingles, missing shingles, sagging, mold or rot, signs of water damage or leaking, and holes or dark spots.

A bi-annual inspection is advised as it will catch small problems before a leak develops or a larger section of the roof fails. It is important to maintain the roof and conduct regular visual checks as it is better to pay for a small repair than to deal with a roof collapse and extensive damage. The underlying structure should last the lifespan of the house. However, depending on the materials used for the covering of the roof, a full replacement may be necessary. If the roof is made of concrete, it just needs inspections for cracks or other wear. Tile roofs are also very durable and rarely need a full replacement. The recommended replacement schedule for composition shingles is 12 to 20 years; for asphalt shingles, it is 15 to 30 years, for wood shingles it is 20 to 25 years; for rubber roofs, it is 30 to 50 years; and for metal roofs, it is 50 to 75 years.

The company offers residential roofing services such as roof shingles, asphalt shingles, metal roofing, wood shake roof, roof tiles, slate roof, and window installation. It also offers commercial roofing services such as EPDM flat roofing, PVC roofing, TPO flat roofing, and torch-down roofing. They also provide solar panel installation, siding repair, gutter installation, hail damage repair, and storm damage claims. The company’s blog boasts many high-quality articles that educate homeowners on the basics of roofing. The blog posts are recommended for anyone who wants to make a better, informed decision about their home’s roof.

The company provides its services to Golden, Thornton, Denver, Pikes Peak, Arvada, Aurora, Castle Rock, Firestone, Wheat Ridge, Jefferson County, Littleton, Edgewater, Centennial, Commerce City, Lakewood, Conifer, Brighton, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Broomfield, Mountain View, Loveland, and nearby areas.

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