Roper Roofing & Solar Examines Whether Portable Solar Panels in Denver Can Power an Entire Home

Roper Roofing & Solar, a roofing and solar panel company based in Golden, CO, has recently published a blog post that examines whether portable solar panels can power an entire home in Denver. Portable solar panels can indeed power a whole house and many homeowners believe that they are a better alternative to traditional solar panels because they are light and don’t need a foundation to install. And the fact that they are portable and can easily be stored somewhere makes them versatile for use at home and in various vehicles, including buses, cars, ships, and boats. The only problem with portable panels is that their weight is a disadvantage when there are strong winds, for instance, during a storm. The wind can easily lift them up and cause them to get damaged. On the other hand, traditional solar panels have been designed to say in place with durable foundations. But for those who still prefer portable solar panels, the article offers some tips on what to consider when choosing the best possible portable solar panels to use.

Brent Roper, owner and president of Roper Roofing, says, “If you have yet to find a dependable solar panel installation service in Denver, CO, you can always count on us at Roper Roofing and Solar. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.”

According to the Roper Roofing & Solar blog post, the main things to consider when choosing portable solar panels are the physical size and weight, and efficiency rating. Other factors to consider are the power output, battery integration, and device charging. The physical size of a solar panel can impose some limitations on how it can be used. For example, those who want to bring along portable solar panels when they go hiking will find it difficult to put a 24-inch by 26-inch solar panel in their backpack. However, this particular size would be a great option for use in a recreational vehicle or RV. It is advisable to choose a particular solar panel that is big enough to be able to collect the necessary energy but small enough so as not to be a challenge to bring along. Of course, when choosing solar panels for home use, there is much more leeway in choosing a particular size.

Meanwhile, the efficiency rating is a vital factor to consider when choosing a portable solar panel for whatever use, including for the home. The efficiency rating of a solar panel will depend on what type of solar panel is used. Monocrystalline portable solar panels offer the best efficiency rating because they utilize just one piece of pure silicon crystal. Their efficiency ratings are usually above 20 percent. Next in line are polycrystalline portable solar panels, which have an efficiency rating of 15 to 17 percent. Their efficiency rating is lower because of the impurities found in the silicon wafers they use to fabricate these solar cells. And finally, the thin-film portable solar panels vary in terms of efficiency because they are often made with different materials. However, they usually have an efficiency rating of only 11 percent.

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