Roonga Announces New Partnership With SEO Company Bliss Drive

Los Altos, California -

Los Altos, California: Roonga, Inc. is pleased to announce its new partnership with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist Bliss Drive. Roonga’s mission is to reinvent the supply chain for donated items, thereby improving the impact every donation can make in the lives of those in need. As such, their partnership with Bliss Drive aims to boost the efforts of their community-centered organization.

As inflation takes hold in the United States and around the world, many parts of the US are grappling with a population that is becoming increasingly vulnerable to homelessness. Furthermore, families living paycheck to paycheck find it difficult to provide their children with basic supplies such as backpacks and school supplies. According to Roonga, there is often no shortage of people who want to help, but it can be incredibly difficult for non-profit organizations and similar groups to cultivate an efficient supply chain to support their work.

Roonga solves this by offering their community the benefit of their expertise, technology, and vendor network. Donation drives, for instance, are popular among volunteers but nonprofits must deal with shortages of certain donated items and receiving items that may not be appropriate for distribution. The company uses backpacks as an example, explaining that people tend to donate adorable character backpacks for young kids instead of the larger, sturdier varieties for older children and teens, resulting in a shortage of donated backpacks for older students. In addition, significant volunteer time is needed to collect, sort, organize, and assemble these items before they can be distributed.

To combat this, Roonga hosts online collection drives that supporters can donate to directly. As the company’s vendor network includes wholesalers who can supply products in bulk, people can make financial contributions that would have a much larger impact than if they bought items to donate themselves at a local retail store. Nonprofits using Roonga’s platform to run a drive select specific items and offer donors choices from a predetermined list (not unlike a wedding registry). Additionally, the company states that quantities are updated with each donation, so donors will always be able to see which items are still needed and focus on those.The sheer convenience of this system means it is more likely to engage a wider audience, thereby increasing the number of donations, and guaranteeing that only items that are needed are purchased. “Our school supply drive was so darn easy! Huge load off my shoulders without hiring a temp. We grew our donor base, helped more children than ever, and spent less time managing the program,” exclaimed Carolyn Alexander, Senior Director of Operations at The Action Center. Learn more (or start a drive) here:

Roonga has long worked with a variety of partners in pursuit of their goals, from community service agencies and educational foundations to homeless shelters and so on. Through their online collection drives, adopt-a-family platform, and direct purchasing service, Roonga has already touched the lives of thousands of low income families and individuals. Many of the entities they work with are non-profits whose ideals are in line with their own: to reduce the effects of poverty and bolster the education of future generations regardless of their financial standing. While an SEO specialist may initially seem like an unlikely partner, Roonga explains that such services are vital in helping them spread their message and reaching out to more people who can lend their support.

According to reviews on google and other platforms, the Digital Marketing Agency Bliss Drive has managed to produce “exceptional results” for businesses they have partnered with over the years. The 5-star rated reviews shed light on their business practices and customer service standards.

Emilia R. reports that they were; “Impressed by some of their tweak suggestions to our campaigns we decided to give them a little work. They over-delivered, so we gave them more. Dependable & effective guys. Responsive and usually ready with what will most probably work. Really effective and result-oriented service from Bliss Drive and team.”

Those new to the field of SEO may wish to hear more from a peer who has some experience working with its professionals, especially given that many tend to make guarantees they will ultimately fail to keep. Rickey T. identifies Bliss Drive as an exception worth looking into, explaining, “I've worked with a lot of SEO companies in my 5+ years in the business, and many of them can leave a lot to be desired. Richard is one of the few that have left a big impression on me. His "Audit" was very thorough. Always hard-working and thinking outside of the box for their clients. Would definitely recommend them!”

Roonga encourages those who have any SEO queries or are interested in learning more about Bliss Drive to visit their website. Similarly, Evelyn Horng of Roonga, Inc. may be contacted for further details regarding their work in the community.


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