Rooms In The City Inc: 5 Things To Consider When Renting

New York, NY-based Rooms In The City Inc is helping their community take the right factors into consideration when they look for a place to rent, particularly if they are students. The company, which is often hard at work helping people gain access to affordable and reliable student housing, also welcomes inquiries from all those who need similar assistance in the near future.

As the company observes, students who have to look for places to rent often have no prior experience to help guide them through this process. As such, this can leave them prone to making errors that they may have otherwise been able to avoid if they had known the right questions to ask or been able to identify any warning signs before they made a financial commitment. As such, Rooms In The City advises students to ask around for every piece of advice they can get before they take any big steps regarding their housing.

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For their part, the company states that one of the most basic aspects a renter should consider is the price. This is the rent (and associated bills) that the tenant will have to pay during their stay, and they should make it a point to factor in every possible expense with the rent included to determine whether they can reasonably afford to live at the location in question. Off campus housing can be quite difficult to afford, so anyone considering this option should approach it as practically as possible. No matter how lovely a place is, not being able to afford it is a good reason to pass on the offer. The company also advises that people include some headroom in their budgetary estimate to account for emergencies.

Next, those who have not rented before should be wary of online listings that have beautiful pictures of the property included. In certain situations, these pictures may be quite old and not represent the location’s current state. In other situations, a picture may not reveal any noteworthy issues with the property, such as poor plumbing. In all cases, it is vital that a tenant examine the location in person before deciding to move in.

Finally, the company states that the people involved will make or break the tenant’s overall experience. This includes the landlord, potential roommates and even neighbors. While there is no requirement that a tenant must be friendly with everyone around them, mutual respect is a good sign that conflicts will not be common in the future. A landlord, for instance, must abide by a good standard of ethics and respect their tenants’ boundaries.

However, Rooms In The City acknowledges that many will find it difficult to check all of these factors, particularly if they are in a rush. As such, students in this situation may reach out to the company’s representatives for assistance with finding good housing.

A 5-Star Google review from Molly Crane provides some insight into the company’s services. The review says, “I’m an international French student in need of a room ASAP. First time traveling to NYC and had no place to go and little time to settle before classes started. During my search, I came across an ad by Rooms In The City Inc. I saw pictures of a room I like. I was able to book a room online in less than 30 min. I was a bit skeptical, so I called them. The representative walked me through the steps for booking online. On the day I arrived, I was met by an agent with keys and a tour of the place. This company is legit, and I use them every time I visit NYC. The only thing is that they rent for 3 months or longer. No less than 3 months. Also there is no fee to rent in Brooklyn. All you need is one month’s rent and one month's security deposit. They also have rooms in Manhattan.”

Additional information is available on the company’s website, and those interested are welcome to discuss their needs with Harry Jeanty of Rooms In The City Inc. Learn more here: Student Intern Housing NYC.


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