Roofing Contractors in Cheshire, CT Earn Community’s Trust

Manchester, CT-based Slavin Home Improvements is pleased to share feedback from a customer who was extremely pleased with their work. The review in question, which awards the company a full 5-star rating, can be found on the company’s Google profile.

Jennifer G. says, “I recently purchased my first home about six months ago. Tragically, my kitchen ceiling started leaking, pretty significantly when it rained. Not a good sign to say the least. Being a first time home buyer, I really did not know who to turn to for guidance. I was referred by a coworker to contact Zak with Slavin Home Improvements in Manchester. He came by to do an assessment on my roof. He spent much time on my roof and inside my house assessing what could potentially be the cause.”

The review continues, “He found the cause and repaired my roof at an extremely reasonable price. I contacted other roofers. In terms of reliability, professionalism, affordability and honesty, he is the one to contact! I am very grateful that he was the one I chose to help me and my family. I will be using him for any and all future roofing and siding needs."

It is notable that the company has received hundreds of reviews on this platform alone, and Slavin Home Improvements currently enjoys a 5-star rating overall. This is a testament to the team’s dedication to customer satisfaction in every project, and they are eager to bring their expertise to even more households in the year to come. They also encourage each member of their community to leave their own Slavin Home Improvements customer review after a job is done. They are always happy to read their customers’ feedback.

In line with their commitment to keeping their community safe and sound, Slavin Home Improvements wishes to remind homeowners that their team is always ready to offer their professional services. Given that winter is well underway, roofing issues caused by storms, excessive snowfall, and so on are more likely to occur, and local residents should not hesitate to get in touch for prompt assistance. Furthermore, while the best time to prepare for winter is in the months leading up to the season, the company emphasizes that it is not too late to take preventative measures to help maintain a roof’s integrity and ensure it makes it through to spring unscathed.

For instance, homeowners may wish to de-winterize their roofs by draining water from the service. As this can be dangerous for anyone who does not have experience working in icy conditions, it is recommended that they contact Slavin Home Improvements for this task. Similarly, the company’s roofers may share advice on obtaining certain roof ice melting devices that can help reduce the possibility of ice dams forming.

Alternatively, ice and snow shields can be installed to limit snow accumulation on a roof. Such guards are designed to be installed on the exterior of the home in question, and they are notable for the fact that they are reusable for new roofs. However, the company adds that they can often represent a steep financial investment, so homeowners should not consider an ice and snow shield unless they live in an area that is known for consistently having high snowfall. A professional roofer should be asked to inspect the property to determine whether an installation will be worth it. On the other hand, they are indeed invaluable in cases where their use is warranted, so the company reassures their community that this option will be discussed if their roofers consider it necessary during an inspection.

Slavin Home Improvements is also able to install new asphalt shingle roofs in winter if required. While this is normally not recommended due to this material’s tendency to turn brittle when exposed to the cold for long enough periods, a careful and steady hand can complete this task with minimal risk to the final construction. Similarly, the company abides by the most stringent safety standards (with the help of the appropriate equipment) to ensure its team can work effectively on snowy roofs.

A winter roof installation or repair can be a delicate process, but Slavin Home Improvements is always up to the challenge when their community is in need. They urge everyone in the vicinity not to hesitate to reach out if they need any assistance or wish to follow up on any further inquiries. Learn more about the company at the following link: Roofing Contractors in Cheshire CT.


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