Roofing Contractors Company in Clinton Township MI Advises Homeowners to Prepare Their Roofs Against Snow Early

Miller's Home Improvement, a company offering roofing services in Clinton Township, Michigan, has recently published a blog post that advises homeowners and other property owners in the township to prepare their roofs against snow as early as possible. They want to emphasize the importance of having the roof inspected thoroughly before the snow starts to hit the area. Clinton Township has a history of having really frigid winters that can seriously have an impact on unprepared homes.

Snow can cause a lot of serious issues for all kinds of roofing materials. For instance, asphalt shingle roofs can deteriorate when the snow melts and pools of water accumulate on the roof. These pools of water can weaken the roofing materials’ foundation. Metal roofing, which is regarded to be a strong and durable roofing material, can also be affected by snow. Once the water from the melted snow is able to penetrate the surface, corrosion can degrade metal roofing. Inspecting the roof early and making the necessary minor repairs can prevent these problems from happening.

Eric Miller, owner of Miller's Home Improvement, says, “No roofer is going to laugh at a Clinton Township, MI homeowner who believes their home requires an in-depth inspection before the snow hits the area. Clinton Township, MI, is well-known for the most brutal winters that can gravely affect unprepared homes. In the last few years, the district has faced an enormous amount of snow in the entire country. Snow can cause huge problems for all roofing materials. So have your roofs inspected early. It may save you a lot of expenses and worries.”

Condensation is one of the common problems that can affect the roof during the winter season. An inadequately insulated attic can result in condensation that can result in the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause damage to the internal structures of the home. The solution is to have sufficient ventilation for the attic. If not, ice dams can form on the roof and shorten the lifespan of the roofing materials.

Another typical problem during winter is flashing leaks, which are common for sloped roofs. The flashing are the strips of metal placed along the corners, front edges, and ridges of the roof, and also around skylights and the chimney. Flashing has to be checked every six months to minimize the risks of flashing leaks.

Another common issue, according to the Miller's Home Improvement blog post, is the presence of strong winds. High-speed winds can shake and loosen up asphalt shingles. A roof inspection will ensure that loose shingles are properly repaired.

A fourth common problem is the presence of overhanging tree branches that can touch the roof and can cause damage to the protective upper layer of the roofing materials. Weakened tree branches can also break and fall down on the roof. One way to prevent this is to ensure that the trees are trimmed in such a way that they are not over the roof, or touch the roof or any part of the house.

And during winter, one thing that can cause problems for roofs is ice dams. Ice dams are created when upper areas of the roof start to thaw and the water flows down and freezes again as it reaches the lower sections and gutters. The water that pools behind the ice dams are likely to leak into the home if there are cracks and loose joints in the roofing material. This is why it is advisable to have the roof inspected to ensure that such cracks and loose joints are fixed before the snow falls.

And finally, icicles that form on the edge of the roof and other parts of the house can be a danger to people and pets. These icicles usually form because of clogged downspouts and gutters.

Founded in 2003, Miller's Home Improvement has the key goal of always exceeding customer expectations when they perform a roofing service that is both cost-competitive and personalized based on what the homeowner or other property owners really need and want. They are appropriately licensed and have the proper insurance to offer both commercial and residential roofing services.

Those who require the services of roofing contractors in Clinton Township MI, can check out the Miller's Home Improvement website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Sunday.


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