Roofing Contractor Serving Cincinnati Ohio Boasts of Their Customer Vault

Mighty Dog Roofing, a company based in Cincinnati, OH, is proud to point out that their Customer Vault is one of the factors that differentiate them from other roofing service providers in Cincinnati and surrounding areas. The Customer Vault provides a way to keep the information about the history of the exterior of a home, including insurance information, in a secure place. This includes maintenance records, all communication, all referrals, and all photos, reports, and warranties.

Adam Grefer, owner of Mighty Dog Roofing in Cincinnati, says, “The Mighty Dog Roofing Customer Vault is your own personal vault. It is kept on record with us as we create the baseline for your exterior’s health at the time of our initial inspection throughout the lifetime of your roof. The vault will include pictures, measurements, damage assessment, any insurance notes and warranties. Rest assured, if you need any documentation on your exterior property, we will have the records for you. Realtors love us. If you want to sell your home, these records will be released to them with your permission to help in the process of selling your home. This can increase your home’s value, as you have the records to back up proper maintenance.”

Adam also wants to emphasize that customers can also have a drone inspection to include in the customer vault. They fly drones to provide customers with a comprehensive aerial view and assessment of their home, which can serve as the basis for any roofing and home improvement projects.

Mighty Dog Roofing of East Cincinnati provides a Drone Sky View inspection, which employs innovative technology for providing the best reporting. This kind of roof and home exterior inspection is approved by the insurance companies and it is also preferred by real estate agents because it provides a great way to show that the roof and other exterior parts of the home are in good condition before the sale. This a great way to provide information about the state of the home’s roof and other exterior parts because it is not subjective.

Another important feature of the services provided by Mighty Dog Roofing is their Insurance EZ Claims service. The estimates they provide for roofing projects are insurance approved. This is used to verify claims and they always make sure to call the claims department with the correct information. And they always work with the insurance company throughout the entire project. They will store all insurance information for each customer in their vault ready for use in the next storm. And insurance companies really love the Drone Superscan reports for EZ Claims.

They provide a 25-point inspection, which is a comprehensive and thorough inspection of the whole exterior of the home, which is done using the Drone SuperScan and GoLive Superscan. All reports generated are stored in the Customer Vault and they provide a consultation after the inspection with findings.

And they also offer the Watchdog Maintenance service, which consists of yearly exterior inspections; year after year comparison of the exterior condition; and all of the product information are stored in the Customer Vault.

Mighty Dog Roofing of East Cincinnati is locally owned and operated by Adam Grefer who grew in the Cincinnati area where he currently resides with his wife Katie and their four children. He loves fixing things around the house and is known as a “jack of all trades.” After graduating from Miami University, he went into medical sales and sold various products that allow patients to have a better quality of life after injury. After more than 20 years in sales, he decided to take those experiences and what he has learned and apply them for his own business. He has set as his goal to help homeowners protect their largest asset, which is their home. He wants to stress that he values providing the ultimate customer experience and will go above and beyond ensure customers have the best possible experience.

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