Roofing Contractor in Auburn CA Announces the Launch of Their New Website

Auburn Roofing Pros is a company that is not only known for its quality roofing services but also its outstanding customer service. They are constantly looking for new ways to show their customers that they come first and that working with the company will always result in a pleasurable experience for them. This is why they decided to design and launch an entirely new website. It will provide its customers with a website that is extremely user-friendly and features important details of the roofing services that Auburn Roofing Pros offers.

A representative of the company says, “At Auburn Roofing Pros, we try to be a company that’s as progressive and customer-centered as possible. That’s why when we realized that our website needed some updating, we decided to go way above and beyond that and design an entirely new website. We believe it will further enhance the positive experience that our customers have when they interact with us. Our staff is extremely pleased with the way the new website turned out and the early returns from the customers that have used it has been very positive too.”

According to the company representative, they emphasized three areas when deciding what they wanted their new website to turn out like. This includes leaning on the many years of experience that their staff and crews have in the roofing business. They also included some of the better suggestions made by customers regarding website improvements they wanted to see and the company let their experienced IT service handle the details as far as website layout and functionality were concerned. He says they feel this teamwork has produced a website that will serve their customers well for several years. Highlights of the new website include less text on the pages and the text that is there is written in a very concise way. There are also fewer photos and less clutter in general for their customers to sort through to find the roofing information that they are interested in. Users of the new website will also find the background on the web pages has been lightened to make the text stand out more. The company representative added that one of the nicer features of the new website is its improved drop-down menu. This will help customers get to the specific information they need on the company’s services much more quickly. He mentioned that the new website was also built so it can be upgraded very easily. Those in the Auburn, California area that are curious to see the new website for themselves can do so at

The company representative also talked more about the roofing services that Auburn Roofing Pros offers. He says that one of their more popular services is their residential whole roof replacements. This is done primarily on roofs that are starting to show their age or are in a constant state of repair. Roof replacements not only will make any roof their performed-on look much better but that roof will also be completely watertight once again. The whole process starts with a free roof evaluation and includes both the replacement of the shingles or other roof covering material and the insulating underlayment. Other residential roofing services they offer that the representative mentioned are large & small roof repairs, leak detection & resolution, gutter repairs & replacements, and the installation of durable and good-looking raised-seam metal roofing panels.

Also discussed was the many different commercial roofing services that the company performs. The company representative pointed out that they work on both sloped and low- or no-sloped commercial roofs and the size or scope of the project does not matter to them. Some of their flat roof specialties include EPDM and TPO roofing options. EPDM roof coverings, sometimes referred to as ‘rubber roofs’, use a durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane to cover an entire commercial roof and leave it completely watertight. TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) sheets are fast becoming one of the most popular commercial flat roof options because they provide a cost-effective and low-maintenance roofing solution.

For more information on Auburn Roofing Pros, interested persons can call them, send them an email, or refer to their newly launched website.


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