Roof Repair and Gutter Installation Austin Company Getting Rave Reviews from Its Customers

Cool Roofs Austin is a company that has been competently providing roofing, siding, and other home and commercial property exterior solutions to those in Guadalupe County and Central Texas for many years now. One of its services that has seen a huge growth in demand is its gutter installation and repair solutions. That service along with the other home exterior beatification solutions the company offers have also been the focal point of many rave reviews. Hudson Whitten, the company’s owner, and managing partner says, “Our focus here at Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. has always been to offer solutions that help home and commercial business owners protect their investments and keep their properties looking good. We are pleased to be able to offer several services that will help them accomplish that. Among those types of solutions that are becoming even more popular is our reputable gutter installation and repair services.”

Whitten went on to say that it's important for any type of structure with a roof to be able to shed water properly and a home or building’s gutter system plays a big role in that. It can lead to big problems when gutters become clogged or no longer hang properly so they can perform their important function. He stated that such concerns associated with malfunctioning gutters include water backing up into roof structural areas where it can start to soften and rot them. Also pointed out was that roof water runoff that does not get caught by a home a business’s gutter system may end up saturating ground areas and other exterior components of a home or business and cause significant damage over time. The company’s owner added that gutters that are dented, have become rusted, or are sagging also significantly take away from the exterior looks of a home or property. He says that all of the above-mentioned conditions can be easily remedied by getting gutters repaired or even better yet completely replaced. The newer style gutter systems that the company installs are made up of more durable and better-looking materials than ever before and many can even have specially designed screens placed over them that help prevent debris from ever building up in them. Those that have had work done by the company such as gutter repairs and installation have been satisfied with the service they received. Chelsea Gonzalez wrote in her 5-star review, “Great company to work with. Extremely professional and timely. Was able to answer any questions I had! Highly recommend!

Solar Installation from Cool Roofs in Austin

Those at the company are also proud of the fact that so many in the New Braunfels and the Austin, TX areas have expressed great satisfaction with their other exterior beautification services too. This includes such important roofing work as whole roof replacements which are the best way to get a home’s roof looking great and completely watertight again. They also are well known for their commercial flat roof services which include being able to skillfully put down several different types of roof coatings that will help eliminate leaks and some even have energy-saving benefits too. According to another recent Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs customer testimonial, everything from initial contact to the completed project was very satisfactory when working with the company. Tova Weinberg proclaimed, “Hudson and Cool Roofs were beyond fast, trustworthy, and professional when it came to my roof inspection and repairs.” Other recent customers have expressed similar sentiments as in the case of Heather Kociuruba who stated, “Worked with Hudson on a roof inspection and installation and couldn’t be more pleased. He was extremely responsive and the skies the limit for his professionalism. We absolutely love our new roof and wouldn’t use anyone else in the area!” These reviews were taken from the company’s Google Maps Business Listing where every review on that listing rates them 5 out of a possible 5-stars.

Whitten also discussed how they are fast becoming one of the area's most respected solar installation and repair services in their area and how they also enjoy their close working relationships with the area’s military bases and the uniformed personnel that support their important functions. He welcomes those that are interested in Cool Roofs Solar Installation or home exterior beautification solutions to contact the company to see how these highly-rated services can greatly benefit them.


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