Earns Another Rave Review from A Roof Replacement Customer, a roofing contractor based in Fairfax, Virginia, has announced with pride that they have earned another five-star customer review on Yelp. This was for a roof replacement job in Alexandria, Virginia, that they had provided and only took two weeks to complete. The homeowner noted the speed with which the project was finished, from first contact to completion. Further, the customer observed that everything was done professionally by the crew. More about this particular review can be seen here

Ray W., the customer who gave the five-star review, said, “We had our entire roof replaced, including the decking and a small shed, a few days ago (FYI that's GAF Timberline HDZ in Barkwood in the photos). The entire project took only two weeks from first contact to completion. Ken is a rare gem, the kind of contractor you always want. His communications were timely, the price was right, and his expert advice was spot-on. His crew was excellent too. Every aspect of the job was done professionally, and every detail was done right the first time. I wish every project on my house would go this smoothly. Many thanks to Ken and his team!”

In response, Ken Briesemeister, owner of, said, “Everything we did to your roof is exactly what I would have done if it was my own home with absolutely no details left out. I’m so happy you’re pleased with our service and you now have a maintenance free roof you don’t have to worry about for 25 - 30 years.”’

This roofing company is provides an array of roofing related services. Roof replacement, in particular, should ideally be performed based on the date of the previous installation. However, it might be necessary at times to replace the roof earlier as a result of extensive damage to the roof by the elements or aging. A high-quality roof is expected to have a lifespan of 25 years or more, depending on the conditions it is exposed to and the materials used. offers its services in Fairfax and neighboring areas. They also provide roof inspection and infrared moisture detection services to check if there are any roof leaks. They point out that homeowners need to be aware of when they need to have their roof replaced instead of just having it repaired. One basic rule, for instance, is that when over a third of the shingles are already badly worn, a roof replacement is recommended. Those who would like to know more about the roofing contractor and their services may want to follow their Facebook page at

There are other potential indications for roof replacement. These include shingles that look bare and decayed, shingles with cracks or curled up edges, a build-up of granules in the gutters, and moss and algae growing on the shingles. Moreover, it may be advisable to inspect other parts of the roof that could have indications of damage that can no longer be remedied by a simple roof repair. For example, some dark and wet spots might be seen on the ceiling, or the paint on the walls are blistered. Homeowners may also find that there is too much moisture in the carpet and flooring materials, or black mold or mildew could be present in the attic.

This roofing contractor typically uses asphalt shingles, such as timberline or architectural shingles, three tab shingles, fiberglass asphalt shingles, and laminate shingles. They can install a comprehensive roofing system with its major parts designed to extend the life of the roof, such as high-quality shingles, roof and deck protection, attic ventilation, ridge-cap shingles, and water and ice shield. If the roof is already too old and was damaged by wind or hail, can provide the best strategy for solving the issue based on the homeowner’s needs.

Homeowners who would like to get more information regarding the different roofing services available through may want to check out their website at, or contact them via telephone or through email. They are open from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


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