Rob Levine from Rob Levine & Associates Joins Reading Week With Fifth Graders

Rob Levine from Rob Levine & Associates Personal Injury Lawyers, a firm based in Providence, RI, is honored to have been part of Reading Week once again, with the fifth grade class at the G. Whiteknact Elementary School in East Providence. He joined the class via video chat to discuss topics of persuasion and advocacy in connection with the students’ latest reading assignment. Some of the students had attended the class in person while others were virtually connected.

The students read the nursery rhyme, “Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty Off the Wall?” by David Levinthal and with illustrations by John Nickle because April was Poetry Month. The story is about a detective who investigates whether Humpty Dumpty had really fallen off the wall by accident or somebody might have pushed him. The story stresses the importance of considering several perspectives to best understand a particular situation and the value of advocating for what one believes in.

Rob Levine explains, “We tell our story from our perspective in order to persuade the reader to see it from our point of view.” Being a lawyer, he understands the importance of considering multiple perspectives of a particular situation. And he truly comprehends the art of persuasion, perhaps better than most because of his job as an attorney as he advocates for his clients. He encourages the students to passionately advocate for what they believe in and to not give up even when it is difficult to let someone comprehend their perspective.

In a new article posted on their website, the firm describes the participation of Rob Levine and the firm in Reading Week and notes how the students’ persuasive writing skills were put to a test when they had to write the principal to petition for the installation of a Little Free Library on campus along with a request for the donation of 25 books to the school. Little Free Library is a non-profit organization that has the goal of increasing book accessibility throughout the community via its book-sharing boxes. The result of their endeavors turned out to be a success. The fifth grade class was able to get permission from the principal to have a book-sharing box from Little Free Library installed at the school.

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