Rob Levine & Associates Releases Article Offering Advice To Victims Of Distracted Driving

RI - based law firm Rob Levine and Associates has released a new article offering free legal advice to victims of distracted drivers. It discusses how an accident victim can prove that the other driver was texting at the time of the accident, thereby possibly establishing a level of fault.

Distracted driving is when the driver is preoccupied with other tasks that are taking their focus away from the road. These distractions can be physical, visual, or cognitive. According to the National Safety Council, cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes a year. Almost 400 thousand injuries occur each year from accidents caused by drivers who were texting while driving. This translates to almost one out of 4 car accidents in the United States.

These accidents can be minor or severe leading to temporary injuries or even something as serious as a permanent disability, and in many cases, a loss of life. It can also have other effects on the person’s life such as lost wages due to recuperation time, pain and suffering, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and property damage to the car and personal belongings. When on the road, it is recommended to be completely focused on the task of driving by putting the phone on silent or ignoring the notifications until one reaches a temporary stop or their destination. It is also highly advisable to be on the lookout for other drivers who might be distracted and to be extra careful around them.

The blog post then details the steps that one needs to take if they are in an accident where a distracted driver was at fault. The first important step is to gather witnesses. It is important to determine if there was anyone in the vicinity who was a first-hand witness to the accident. If there were any witnesses, the victim should get a picture of their ID and note down their contact number because they might need to reach out to them in the future. Witnesses may be able to testify that they saw the driver texting or even that they heard the witness confess to texting while driving. These witness testimonies might prove key to making a case against the offending party and establishing fault in the accident.

The second step is to provide evidence. It is one of the cornerstones of any investigation. An experienced attorney plays a key role in this area as they know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask to benefit the victim’s case. Under the guidance of an attorney, one can help build a strong case that lays the blame squarely on the distracted driver. An attorney can help acquire any footage from traffic or security cameras in the vicinity that could have recorded what happened. The victim should have the presence of mind to note down whether such devices were present at the scene of the accident.

Another thread of the investigation could be getting phone records for the distracted driver from their phone company. This will establish whether the driver was receiving texts, sending texts, or talking on the phone when the accident occurred. Often times this can be the smoking gun that can seal the fate of a case in favor of the victim.

A spokesperson for the law firm talks about the blog post by saying, “Distracted driving is a bane on road safety all across the country. Modern technology has given humans hundreds of different ways to be distracted. Careless individuals are not only putting their own lives at risk but also of those around them. As a victim, it is important to establish clear fault to be entitled to the fullest compensation in the courtroom. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a distracted driver, contact Rob Levine & Associates Personal Injury Lawyers today to find out how we can help build your case and get you everything that you deserve.”


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