Riverside Tree Service Safely Completes Tree Removal for Trees Growing Between a Pool Shed, Garage, and Wall

Riverside, California – A company that prioritizes safety in every tree service, Riverside Tree Service has helped a homeowner get rid of trees standing between a garage, pool shed, and wall without causing damage to the utilities. The impressed homeowner noted that the company went out of its way to ensure his project was handled quickly and at a very affordable price.

Speaking after working with Riverside Tree Service, Harold Millington had the following to say to reporters, “I messaged Riverside Tree Service on Monday evening and they responded immediately. Made an appointment to come out the next day, and gave me a good price on several trees that had grown between my pool shed, garage, and wall. The next day, the crew came out and had everything cut down and taken away. Super fast, great price and everything cleaned when they left! No complaints here and I highly recommend them!”

Riverside Tree Service

“When removing trees standing next to important utilities,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “you need more than just years of experience – you also need the right tools to control the falling direction for the trees. When working on Harold Millington’s landscape, we had a bucket truck that allowed us to prune the trees before removal – the tree pruning was crucial as it helped us keep the branches from touching the utilities when we brought the tree down. Using our cranes, we were able to control the tree’s falling direction, which ensured zero damages to the utilities. We later cleaned up the area, leaving it better than it was before our team of tree cutting professionals in Riverside arrived. We are happy to see that our client was impressed.”

A company that has been operating in Riverside for the past 25 years, Riverside Tree Service has made a name for itself by offering the safest tree removal methods. Taking advantage of its experienced team, the company creates plans that have minimal risk of property damage.

“In Riverside City,” said the Riverside Tree Service CEO, “people love to have their trees close to their utilities. Harold Millington is just one of the many residential property owners who have their trees next to important structures. From what we have managed to gather over the years, one thing that makes homeowners plant their trees next to utilities is the size of their landscapes. It is very rare to find a homeowner with property stretching more than 0.25 acres. To have buildings, utilities, and trees for shade, homeowners have to, therefore, utilize the limited space they have maximumly.”

The CEO noted that his Riverside tree removal team has handled thousands of procedures that involved riskier trees than the ones on Harold’s landscape.

“I recall last year,” said the Riverside Tree Service CEO, “we were hired to handle an emergency tree removal in one of Riverside’s suburbs. Our client was in Orangecrest and wanted us to remove a 200-foot tree that had suffered storm damage and was leaning dangerously over both his house and powerlines. Being in the middle of the night, we did not have the option of calling the power company to switch off the electricity. We had to use our knowledge to slowly force the tree to fall away from the customer’s house and powerlines. The experience we gained in that project – and other similar projects – helped us handle Harold’s project quickly and safely.”

The company’s chief of field operations noted that while experience plays a key role in the company’s success, its modern tree service tools also help. He noted that the company takes advantage of its advanced tools to lower risks and increase its chances of tree removal success.

Riverside Tree Service base of operation is located at 2025 Chicago Ave #1255, Riverside, CA 92507, United States. Homeowners, however, can contact the company via +1 909-536-2412 and sales@riversidetreecare.com.


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