Riverside CA Accident Lawyer Alexander Napolin Is Offering Accidental Injury Litigation Services

Alexander Napolin, an accident and personal injury lawyer in Riverside CA, is offering his services to anyone searching online for “Riverside car accident lawyer”. Alexander Napolin offers free consultations and he promises that he won’t take any attorney fees unless the case is a success. He also promises no hidden fees or hidden terms.

Alexander Napolin says that he will consult with the client for free to assess their rights against a person or entity who has injured them or one of their family members or friends. In order to receive compensation for the injuries, the client will need to file a personal injury claim with the liability insurance company of the person or entity that caused the harm to occur. The client will also want to have had an experienced lawyer building their case from day one so that their claim has high settlement value and can be successfully brought to trial against the person or entity who injured them.

Accident Lawyer Riverside California

Alexander Napolin will handle all communications with the insurance company. The client won’t have to deal with an insurance adjuster who in most cases is just there to tell the client how little their case is worth and how there is no way they could have been injured by their insured. In order for the victim to concentrate on getting medical treatment and working toward recovery, Alexander Napolin’s law firm will take over all the communication with the insurance company. The firm will also help find the client a doctor to provide them with a medical evaluation and ongoing medical care even if they don’t have health insurance. In the event personal property was damaged or destroyed by the neglect of another, they will help the client repair or replace the damaged or destroyed property.

In the event that the client cannot work while they recover from their injuries, the law firm will assist them in obtaining disability benefits so that they can stay afloat financially. Also, when the case is ready to settle, the firm’s attorneys will demand that the client is compensated for their loss of earnings for the time they needed to be out of work to recover from their injuries. Following a course of medical treatment prescribed by the client’s doctor, their attorneys will collect their medical records and bills and, after personally discussing the matter of settlement with the client, will prepare a settlement demand package that will be forwarded to the negligent party’s insurance company. In the event that the client is not offered a fair settlement, Alexander Napolin will prepare the case to be brought to trial. Alexander Napolin claims to be the best option for those searching online for “Work Comp Lawyers Riverside”.

When asked about his services, Alexander Napolin says, “I know how to present your case, make a strong settlement demand to the insurance company and, if necessary, bring your case to a trial on the merits if you are not offered a fair settlement for your injuries. By retaining our law office, you will have guidance and support every step of the way. We offer free consultations by phone or in person. If you or your loved ones have been in an accident in Riverside, call us today and ask us how we may be able to help you.”

A review of the law firm’s services by James Kohun says, “My accident happened last year and I wasn’t sure about hiring a lawyer. I’ve never had to before in my life. Alexander calmed me down with his advice and it’s made a big difference in my life. The money is important and I was relieved to find out that my interests came number one with this company. Kind of the opposite of what I expected from lawyers.”


Alexander Napolin Accident Lawyer Riverside California can be reached at the phone number 1-951-200-5035. The Riverside county office is located at 5750 Division St., Ste. 202, Riverside, California 92506.


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