Ride 4 Reparations a Minneapolis Non-Profit Gets Sponsor as it Gears Up for its Upcoming “Jim Crow of the North” Interpretive Bike Ride August 21st

Two Year old Minneapolis based nonprofit, Ride4Reparations.Org has picked up a corporate supporter in the form of REI Coop. While details are still being developed, Hal Huggins Ride for Reparations President says, “it is a big morale booster, we are proud to welcome their participation in our event.”

“During last year’s pandemic summer, we organized three small rides, each exploring local black history. The first ride explored key points of interest in South Minneapolis, followed by similar rides in North Minneapolis and then in the Rondo neighborhood of St Paul,” Hal explains. “They were successful, so this year we are launching a new concept, a series of historically attuned Twin City area bike rides focused on various aspects of the historical black experience in Minneapolis and environs.”

The first ride on August 21st will explore racial deed restrictions as depicted in a KTCA production called, “Jim Crow of the North.” One of the principals in that production, Penny Peterson will participate in the ride and offer commentary along its 15-mile route. Ride sponsors are planning a comfortable 2 ½ to 3-hour pace to make the ride itself accessible.

However, ridership will be limited and may close early if it becomes oversubscribed. “We can only have about fifty or so folks along,” Hal explains, “before we start having traffic and safety issues,” along the mostly residential route through South Minneapolis.

“We hope to video record each stop, and perhaps make it downloadable in some format so others can duplicate the route - and mull over what the significance of these exclusions may have had then and consider their residual legacy to this day,” Hal concludes.

A major contributor during the event will be Penny Petersen. She is with the University of Minnesota’s Mapping Prejudice Project and is a leading expert on historic property records in Minnesota.

She will be provided commentary along the route at several stops, connecting the history with a sense of place for the participants. Petersen has a long-standing interest in the history of Minneapolis. Her first book, Hiding in Plain Sight: Minneapolis’ First Neighborhood, describes the growth of the area around St. Anthony Falls.

Subsequent rides will focus on Criminal Justice, Education, Employment, and related topics. Hal hopes to take video and the story of the August ride about deed restrictions to community groups and in turn, ask them to help decide the most appropriate stops and themes for future rides.

The deed restriction ride is scheduled for 10 AM on Saturday, August 21st, 2021. It will start at McRae Park in South Minneapolis (906 E 47TH St). The route is approximately 15 miles.

Participating riders are being asked for a donation of $75 which will be used to defray expenses and provide support for the Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ)

An eventbrite signup link is available at Racial Covenant Ride.


For more information about Ride4Reparations, contact the company here:

Hal Huggins
612 207-6494