Richmond We Buy Houses Company Educates Landlords on Top Tenant Issues

Richmond, VA - We Buy Houses company Dependable Homebuyers has published a post on its official blog to educate landlords about common property management problems. Landlords and owners of rental properties in Richmond often deal with a few problems that can significantly affect their bottom line. There are those who may question the feasibility of managing such properties. To sustain the effort and make it successful, owners should be able to address any pressing problems they are currently having and also prepare for potential issues that might arise in the short or foreseeable future.

Richmond-based real estate investment company, which usually purchases homes from homeowners, has illustrated three problems affecting landlords and owners of rental properties. The first common problem is the rental amount. Many rental properties are priced too high. Homeowners should keep in mind that tenants typically have a budget and they are unlikely to review the amount they are willing to pay. Tenants can compromise on the quality of accommodation or even location but not the monthly liability. Tenants can pay more per month but never have the option of owning the house they live in. Mortgages are a different scenario as those repaying home loans actually get to own the property. Landlords who receive too few offers or potential tenants are not showing up for a viewing must consider reducing the rental rate. Here's an article addressing the problem.

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A shortage of rental properties is typically the result of negative cash flow and is an issue other property owners face. The second most common problem is not getting the rent on time. An adequate tenant screening process is critical to prevent this problem. A contingent plan, such as a rental agreement with a tenant who has good credit and is reliable in paying the rent and not defaulting, can help to reduce vacancy rates. Rental properties that remain vacant do not generate any revenue but the yearly liabilities persist. Owners must still pay the mortgage, premium for the insurance and the applicable taxes.

Some properties remain vacant due to the high monthly rental or per amount tenant must pay, this is not always the case. The security deposit can also be a concern. A higher security deposit is often demanded by landlords of rental properties. This may be because of the company's bad past experiences with tenants. This may be a proactive move to protect the financial interests of the owner. Some renters tend to inflict more wear and tear on a property than others. Some tenants may not pay the last rent or for a few months towards the end of the term. Tenants may feel apprehensive about trying to rent a property with a high security deposit. They are unlikely to make an offer if the security deposit is beyond their affordability. Property owners need to have a proposition that tenants find hard to turn away from. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their recent press release.

In an effort to better serve the needs of their customers, the house buying company based in Richmond, VA has announced they will now buy homes directly from homeowners. Acquiring properties of any condition throughout the city, this group ensures that their customers' needs are placed at the forefront throughout the process.

The company noted that "Dependable Homebuyers is now buying houses in Richmond, VA." The company has opened a local office at 9250 Stony Crest Cir #821, Richmond, VA 23235 and are purchasing homes throughout the area. Roberts states that the process is quick and simple. Homeowners make the phone call and once the company has visited their home, they are provided with an offer of purchase which they are under no obligation to accept.

Dependable Homebuyers offers a convenient way for sellers in Richmond, VA to move out of their homes quickly. Their press room can be viewed at They will buy any Richmond house for cash if they can and are always looking for more homes that they can help families move out of quickly. If that homeowner needs any assistance with the process, please contact their local office today.


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