Richmond Party Bus Rental Expands Vehicle Fleet of Charter Buses

A top party bus company in Richmond, VA, Richmond Party Bus Rental announced the expansion of their fleet of party buses. The decision for the addition to the vehicle fleet was to meet the growing demands of the business. There is also expectations of a spike in business next month if Virginia Governor Northam lifts capacity and social distancing measures on June 15.

Further information about the company and their fleet of vehicles can be found at the company’s website here:

Party Bus Company

A Party Bus can provide a fun atmosphere for groups of people attending events or a night on the town. Professional drivers who know the areas well, and whose job it is to help make events even more enjoyable and memorable operate them.

In the past years, party buses have become increasingly popular as one of the most fun means of transportation for an important event in someone's life. They can be considered as a private nightclub on wheels, where people can have a great time with their friends, family, or coworkers.

Richmond Party Bus Rental eliminates the risk of having to drive and a potential negative encounter with law enforcement on a fun night out. Having a professional chauffeur (or a designated driver), the group gets to have maximum fun, enjoy alcoholic drinks, and still arrive on time to all the itineraries without worry.

Finding the right type of party bus that fits the needs of the group is not always easy, but it is definitely worth it. Party buses are an affordable and unique option for group transportation. There is simply not many ways to match the value of a party bus. It is one of the best ways to get a group where they want to go for the same price. If it is a situation where everyone is paying in, a party bus will be a great bargain. It is a very affordable way to go.

Company representative, Keneth Haines, stated, “Renting a party bus is not as complicated as most people assume. At Richmond Party Bus Rental, we have many bus options to choose from and a person can easily find the one that suits their needs. Our fleet of party buses feature vehicles that can fit as few as eight people to as many as fifty passengers. It does not matter how large or small the group, we will always have something that will provide maximum comfort.”

The cost of renting a party bus will vary depending on a number of factors. One major factor is the type of party bus selected. How fancy the chosen Richmond Party Bus Rental is and the number of people it can accommodate affects the overall rental cost. A bus that is capable of accommodating 50 people will cost more than one that accommodates only eight people. In addition, a bus featuring the latest sound systems, DVD players, laser lights, mood lighting, etc. will cost more than one that does not have these features.

Those interested in a consultation should contact Richmond Party Bus Rental customer service at 804-509-1676. Quotes can also be request by visiting the company’s website and completing the online quote request form.


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