Reviews Show ‘Chiropractor Near Me West Los Angeles’ Treatments Go Far Beyond Just Making Adjustments

Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab Brentwood is proud of the quality chiropractic services that they offer but their wellness treatments go far beyond that. This fact was highlighted by two glowing reviews that were recently written on this rehab center. In each review, the patients stated that in addition to being satisfied with the chiropractic treatments they have received, they were also satisfied with the other health-benefiting treatments that were offered to them. It’s this overall approach to wellness that this chiropractic clinic promotes that makes them such a popular pain treatment option in the Los Angeles area.

In the above mentioned 5-star reviews, David West stated, “Dr. Casey knows what she is doing. I feel better after every adjustment. I went from having pain every day and after a couple of weeks of treatment, I no longer feel pain daily. She’s very knowledgeable about what exercises and stretches I should be doing. Her Instagram page is also very helpful as she posts videos of how to properly do many of the exercises that relate to my treatments. Definitely recommend her for anyone, and not just for adjustments but also how to start taking care of yourself physically.” Stepan Artuni wrote, “Excellent service but even more importantly, service that produces results. I've been to quite a few different chiropractor services, but this office has better equipment and offers many different methods of treatment.” These are just two of the 27 reviews that were left on the Google Maps Business Listing of this West Los Angeles chiropractor. All of them rated Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab’s treatments 5 out of a possible 5-stars.

Custom Chiropractic Treatment West Los Angeles

The rehab center’s founder, Dr. Carlos Rodriguez, says, “We very much appreciate it when our patients take time out of their busy schedules to state they are satisfied with our treatments. These reviews show that the knowledge and practical experience that we bring to our treatments and their individually designed nature make them impactful. It pleases us, even more, when our patients acknowledge that they are happy with all of the well-rounded treatment options that we offer them.”

Dr. Rodriguez went on to say that very few patients that they see choose not to get some form of chiropractic care from them. This is because of all the benefits this non-invasive pain and rehab treatment offers. He stated that most of his patients are amazed at the impact that just a few simple adjustments to the cervical spine can make on their well-being. These treatments are not only done in an effort to reduce pain and improve functionality, but they also come along with expert advice on how the patient being treated can assist in their own healing by exercising properly and paying attention to ergonomics in their daily routine. One other important treatment that they offer in an attempt to alleviate discomfort from such conditions as disc herniation, disc bulge, sciatica, and nerve impingement is Spinal Decompression. He says that during these treatments one of the options is placing the patient on a highly sophisticated AIR-FLFEX machine that gently stretches them. Other spinal decompression therapies that they use include exercises for posture stabilization, soft tissue stretches, and spinal mobilization. The clinic’s founder says that they also recognize the important role that massage therapy can play in rehab and overall wellness. There massage therapists such as Jesse Mendez in Brentwood are proficient at doing both Swedish and deep tissue massage. He added that their unique custom foot Orthotics are becoming a very popular choice among their patients who are experiencing foot, leg, and hip pain.

New patients who are looking for custom chiropractic treatment West Los Angeles and the other forms of treatment that this rehab center offers can schedule a consultation by calling them or by clicking on the ‘new patient’ button on their website’s homepage. Patients are welcome to take advantage of their chiropractic and other treatments at 4 locations including Brentwood. Dr. Rodriguez also mentioned that they are seeing patients during normal business hours Monday thru Saturday despite the ongoing pandemic because they are considered an essential service.


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