Reviews Show Accomplished Suffolk County Robbery Lawyer Exhibits Caring and Compassion During Criminal Defense Proceedings

Clients have long stated that Attorney Jason Bassett, a respected robbery lawyer in Suffolk County, brings more than just many years of criminal defense experience to the cases that he handles. He also shows compassion for his client’s predicament and truly cares about what happens to them. Evidence of this comes in the form of glowing reviews that were written by two people for each of whom Criminal Attorney Bassett mounted a successful criminal defense.

In the first of the above-mentioned reviews, John Esposito wrote, “Jason is truly a top-notch lawyer who handles things firmly and efficiently. I never thought my issues would be resolved so easily but Jason made it happen. All I had to do was show up and Jason did the rest. So please don't waste your time looking into other lawyers. Jason is the best of the best and I won't be using any other lawyer again !!” Raelisa Kimberly stated, “The most caring, respectful, and honest attorney I’ve ever came across! Thank you, Jason, for everything you’ve done for me. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to represent me!!” These reviews were taken from Attorney Bassett’s GMB listing where every review found there rated his criminal defense services 5 out of a possible 5 stars.

Suffolk County Robbery Lawyer

The robbery lawyer explained why he treats his clients the way he does by saying, “As a criminal defense lawyer, I get asked over and over again, 'How can you defend someone who is accused of a crime, especially a violent crim?' My answer to this question this is always the same: I believe in a justice system that functions properly as part of a free and democratic society. Since my clients are all presumed innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, I owe them the best legal defense possible. Protecting the rights of the accused helps ensure that our justice system works correctly. However, as a human being facing someone who needs my help, my representation has to also include treating my clients with care and compassion throughout the entire process. This is something that any one of us would want if one day we found ourselves accused of committing a criminal act.”

Attorney Bassett acknowledged that another big advantage that those who hire him get is that he has worked in the criminal justice system from both sides of the courtroom. In the past, Jason Bassett has served as a New York City prosecutor. This first-hand knowledge of how the justice system can use its power against the accused is a big asset when he goes to prepare a client’s defense. He knows exactly what type of evidence and tactics prosecutors tend to lean on the most to get convictions and how to defend against them. According to this experienced criminal defense attorney, he also has many years of defending clients that have been accused of a broad spectrum of crimes. He has a great deal of experience with DWI & DUI defense and can help his clients avoid the severe lifestyle restrictions that often go along with convictions for these types of charges. He has represented those accused of even more serious crimes such as domestic violence, burglary, robbery, and homicide. The Suffolk County Criminal Defense Attorney has represented people charged with everything from petit larceny to murder in the first degree. Attorney Bassett added that he is always willing to sit down and consult with those who have been accused of just about any type of crime on Long Island or in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

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