Resurgence Behavioral Health Texas Location Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

Wimberley, TX - People struggling with drug and alcohol addiction in Texas have had a vital source of help over the past year since Resurgence Behavioral Health opened a facility in the Lone Star State. Resurgence Texas has many reasons to celebrate as it observes its first anniversary.

They offer leading-edge treatment of drug addiction, alcohol dependence and mental health disorders. Caring, compassionate staff have extensive training and education and a deep understanding of addiction and mental illness. Their comfortable surroundings are designed to help clients focus on recovery while also showing them how positive and enjoyable life can be without chemical stimulants.

Lone Star State Rehab Center

Resurgence Texas opened in 2020 in Wimberley, just outside the state capital of Austin. It is part of a nationwide group of treatment centers offering a full range of treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness. From medically supervised detox, through inpatient and outpatient care to sober living and long-term follow-up, Resurgence is dedicated to helping its clients find new lives in sobriety.

The center offers group and individual counseling that provides several kinds of cognitive and behavioral therapy – “retraining” the brain to function free of drugs or alcohol. In addition, integration with 12 Step programs is available, which offers valuable support after the client has left the center’s security and resumed everyday life. Resurgence also offers virtual therapy, in which clients use digital technology and other tools to receive treatment when they cannot travel to the facility.

One of Resurgence’s most profound sources of help for clients is its dual-diagnosis treatment, which follows current thinking on effective strategies for addiction and mental illness. The dual-diagnosis approach treats addiction as a symptom of an underlying mental health problem rather than the client’s primary concern. For example, the addict may be using drugs or alcohol to “self-medicate” a deeper disorder, such as anxiety or depression. If the addiction is resolved but the client has not confronted the underlying mental illness, the addiction is likely to return.

The staff at Resurgence Texas is as central to clients’ success as the treatments they deliver. The team includes medical professionals, certified addiction counselors, licensed therapists and trained addiction specialists. Each has a thorough understanding of addiction and mental illness. In addition, they offer compassion and support to clients, who often praise them in recommending Resurgencde facilities for others seeking similar help.

The final element in Resurgence’s high-quality care is the physical environment created for clients. The warm, comfortable surroundings are designed to minimize stress; the more relaxed and safe clients feel, the more open they will be to treatment.

This belief is proven in a serene, rustic setting where nature becomes an important therapeutic tool. It has a calming effect that can quiet the recovering addict’s racing thoughts and feelings of anxiety that are common, especially in the early days of rehab. Surrounded by the serenity of nature and the caring support of staff, clients at Resurgence Texas can relax and focus on recovery. They also enjoy chef-prepared meals, modern living spaces and a general design that is more typical of a home than an institutional facility.

To help clients feel even more at home, Resurgence allows them to bring their pets, smoke (outside), and have access to their cellphones after an initial adjustment period. In addition, couples can attend inpatient treatment together while staying in separate, same-sex residences. Finally, for diversion and group bonding, the facility organizes recreational outings.

“We are a big family,” said Program Manager Salvador Montes, “and we all work together to make it the best experience and client care possible on a daily basis.”

Resurgence Texas is committed to helping people find long-term sobriety. For more information or help finding addiction or mental health treatment, call 855-458-0050 or visit


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