Resurgence Behavioral Health Applauds Houston’s First Non Alcoholic Bottle Shop

Houston, TX - Resurgence Behavioral Health welcomes the latest addition to the movement for healthier lifestyles: Houston’s first alcohol-free bottle shop, Sipple. The nationwide network of addiction treatment centers praises the shop as a model for businesses that want to help their customers live free of the health risks and emotional damage that alcohol consumption can bring.

“The drinks we’re selling at Sipple offer all of the fun of drinking without the negative side effects,” Sipple co-founder Danny Frounfelkner, a longtime beverage promoter, told the Houston Chronicle. He opened the store with his wife, marketing specialist Helenita Frounfelkner.

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He said he had stopped drinking alcohol during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way of getting healthier – a choice many others have made, given the adverse effects of consuming alcohol, even on a short-term basis. The couple realized they had an opportunity to serve a growing need in the marketplace and opened Sipple in Houston’s Rice Village shopping area in October 2021.

The shop sells more than 50 different brands of alcohol-free wine, beer and spirits, including alternative versions of rum, bourbon and whiskey. Just like many traditional alcohol shops, it hosts tastings and other events.

Although it’s Houston’s first store to sell only non-alcoholic versions of beer, wine and liquor, Sipple follows a growing trend in the spirits industry. Nationwide, many bars and restaurants are offering various “mocktails” that mimic the taste of classic cocktails without using a drop of alcohol. While non-alcoholic beers have been found in supermarkets for many years, they are now among the selections from trendy craft brewers.

These options are encouraging, but alcohol consumption remains a widespread problem. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), nearly 70% of U.S. adults have used alcohol in the last year and almost 55% in the previous month. About 26% report binge drinking in the prior month. More than 14.5 million people over age 12 have an alcohol use disorder, yet fewer than 8% have gotten treatment for their addiction.

Excessive alcohol consumption is tied to many negative consequences for users, their families, and society at large. For example, the NIAAA reports that nearly 30% of all traffic fatalities in a recent year were alcohol-related. Even more shocking, one college student dies from an alcohol-related incident every six hours.

Extended drinking can cause damage to vital organs including the liver, heart and brain. In addition, it can reduce job performance, damage social relationships and destroy families.

Once a person decides to get help, treatment for alcohol use disorder can be a painful experience if it isn’t correctly managed by medical professionals and addiction specialists. Resurgence Behavioral Health offers comprehensive addiction treatment customized for the individual needs of each client. Treatment programs cover the entire continuum of addiction care, from medically supervised detox to residential and in-patient rehab to sober living and long-term follow-up. In addition, programs are offered in comfortable, welcoming settings that make the drug- and alcohol-free atmosphere positive and cheerful.

Resurgence commends the Frounfelkners and Sipple for leading the way in providing positive ways to live an alcohol-free life.

“I spent the last 20 years working in all areas of the hospitality and beverage industry,” Frounfelkner told the Chronicle, “and wanted to create Sipple as a way of sharing my experience and love for this growing community with more people.”

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