Restore Pest Control Offering Bed Bug Services

Sacramento is home to many different bugs, insects and rodents. Restore Pest Control has been providing superior solutions for pests to Sacramento residents for several years. They are now offering bed bug services to homes and businesses in the region.

“Bed bugs are more common now than they have been in the past. These little pests are making their way around the local region, as well as across California. You no longer hear people ask, ‘What is a bed bug?’ because even if they’ve never had a problem with them, they’ve read and heard about them enough to know what they are,” the company manager said.

One unfortunate fact about bed bugs is that they don’t react to the traditional treatment products. They are resilient in that respect. This is why a professional bed bug exterminator is recommended. “You can buy products that will help while also having treatments done,” the manager added, “Such as mattress protectors.”

For those who are not sure if bed bugs are the pest invading their property, glue traps can help determine this. These traps are placed under the legs of the bed frame because these particular bugs will hide out in the crevices of the frame or seams of the mattress. They become trapped when moving about at night while a person is sleeping.

“They feed at night while you’re asleep so if you perform your own bed bug inspection, we advise waiting until nighttime and using a flashlight. They’re about the size of an apple seed so you can definitely spot them if you know what to look for. Look at your mattress seams, all over the bed frame, especially in the cracks, and then pay attention to any noticeable dark spots. If you find reddish or brownish spots on your bedding or mattress, you could definitely have bed bugs,” the manager said.

Restore Pest Control provides inspections for bed bugs and oftentimes they are required for customers needing this service. The reason being, according to the manager, is that they need to determine the presence of the bugs, but also the level of seriousness of the issue.

“When they’re treated for right away it’s much easier and more affordable to get them out. When there is an infestation present it will take multiple treatments and more work on both parties to ensure they are completely removed,” the manager added.

Property owners can contact Restore Pest Control for bed bug services or to ask any questions by calling them or visiting them online. The company stresses the importance of taking action immediately when bed bugs are discovered or suspected.


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