Restoration Company Offers Cleaning and Sanitization for COVID 19

Protect Commercial Buildings With Cleaning and Sanitization From Pride Restoration of NC

As people are learning to live with the threat of COVID 19, many are concerned with the safety risks that are involved when people enter a public building. Many businesses still need to operate despite the risks that come with it. With the nation still in the midst of a pandemic, business owners are looking for ways to keep their patrons safe. COVID 19 has greatly affected the way people live every day life and most people are now weary about going into public spaces. Enforcing masks and social distancing is a good start, but going the extra step and looking for ways to deep clean a building will better ensure the safety of both workers and customers. That’s why Pride Restoration of NC now offers cleaning and sanitization services to protect against the threat of disease and viruses.

cleaning and sanitization services

The cleaning and sanitization services through Pride Restoration of NC have been proven to help business owners keep high traffic areas businesses safe and disinfected. The process focuses on deep cleaning and using effective disinfectant products to target viruses and bacteria safely and effectively.

“A lot of business owners right now are very fearful about staying afloat during the pandemic,” says owner, Jim Seubert. “That’s why Pride Restoration of NC has developed a process that has been very effective in providing deep cleaning for businesses when needed.”

How Cleaning and Sanitization Keeps People Safe

Every company that specializes in cleaning and sanitization services has a unique process that’s suited to fit the community. Pride Restoration of NC follows a three step process that has been developed specifically to determine the individual disinfection needs of businesses that experience a high traffic of people.

Step 1: Pride Restoration of NC starts the process with an initial assessment. The team inspects each business and identifies the areas with a highest amount of people touching them and surfaces that could be a biohazard. High tech equipment is then used to test these areas to precisely determine where disinfection is needed the most.

Step 2: The next step of the process is containment. The areas that are determined to be especially high risk are sectioned off to prepare for cleaning and disinfection services.

Step 3: Finally, quality testing takes place where Pride Restoration of NC uses professional grade technology to test the high touch areas for a final time. Pride Restoration of NC then provides clients with the final contamination numbers to document exactly what percentage of bacteria is left on the surface.

Pride Restoration of NC Offers Cleaning and Sanitization for COVID 19

COVID-19 cases are still on the rise in the United States of America. This can mean that there is a lot of uncertainty for business owners at the moment. Potential customers need peach of mind knowing that each business has been properly cleaned and disinfected. No short cuts should be taken when it comes to protecting people's lives.

Many businesses are fearful about the future. Making sure that a business owner’s place of operation is as safe as it can be should be a top priority all across the board. It’s the responsibility of business owners to hire cleaning and sanitization services to keep workers and customers safe. Pride Restoration of NC has served North Carolina for years with a service that has been proven time and time again to be safe and effective when it comes to keeping an area of a building disinfected. They are on call 24/7 to respond as soon as possible to any cleaning and sanitization job requests.

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