Residents of Schertz Texas a San Antonio Suburb Find Effective Addiction and Mental Health Treatment at Resurgence Behavioral Health

Schertz, TX - It’s tragically easy for anyone seeking relief from the stress and pain of life to fall victim to dependence on drugs and alcohol. But for residents of Schertz, effective help is available at Resurgence Behavioral Health in Wimberley, Texas.

The nationwide epidemic of drug abuse, including opioid dependence, has not overlooked Schertz, located near San Antonio in southwest Texas. The San Antonio area has been designated a High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy for the high incidence of illegal drugs being brought across the nearby border with Mexico. A tragic 1,402 Texans died of opioid-related drug overdoses in 2018, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. In the same year, Texas healthcare providers wrote 47.2 opioid prescriptions for every 100 persons – almost half the population.

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For those who struggle with dependence on these or other substances or who are seeking help for a loved one in the grip of addiction, Resurgence Texas offers hope. Treatment is provided for substance use disorders involving drugs, alcohol, prescription painkillers and medications for anxiety, depression and other psychological and emotional disorders. Treatment also includes therapy for dual diagnosis, in which addiction is accompanied by an underlying mental health condition that may be the primary disorder. Resurgence offers alcohol & drug rehab in Austin for those that want a warm-weather addiction treatment program.

Addiction treatment usually begins with a period of medical detox. Detox rids the body of drug and alcohol toxins in preparation for treatment. This can be an uncomfortable, even painful, time, so it is always managed by medical professionals who can administer treatment to relieve withdrawal symptoms and ensure the safety of patients.

The detox period can last from three days to a week or more, depending on the type of substance and the length and frequency of use. This is followed by inpatient (residential) and then outpatient rehabilitation. In the outpatient period, clients may also be referred to a Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient or Sober Living program, which offers support, therapy and guidance for the transition to everyday life. Clients who cannot travel to the center for outpatient care may be offered the option of virtual treatment via an online platform.

These programs may come to an end, but care never will. Clients receive aftercare and support for as long as they need help putting into action the life skills and strategies they learned in treatment. Resurgence Texas also has alumni programs and activities designed to connect graduates with a positive and supportive sober community.

These are the basic foundations of treatment at Resurgence Texas, but within those pillars are therapies customized to the client’s individual needs. Each person’s addiction experience is different, so their treatment should be too.

Resurgence Texas believes in treating the whole person, not just their addiction. That is why a vital element of treatment is the physical and social environment of the center. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed; the furnishings and décor are intended to make it seem more like a home than a treatment facility. Chef-prepared meals provide cuisine that is both nutritious and delicious. Clients can bring pets if they wish, couples can take residential treatment together (while staying in separate same-sex accommodations), and smoking is allowed outside; clients can get access to cellphones after an adjustment period. Clients participate in recreational outings and service projects that show them they can make a difference even while getting help for themselves.

These features and amenities are not added to pamper or indulge clients but to remove as much stress as possible and open the way to sobriety. The more comfortable clients are, the more receptive they will be to treatment.

Long-term sobriety is possible for anyone with a sincere desire to get help and a willingness to work at their recovery. Learn why to choose Resurgence. The process begins by visiting Resurgence online or calling 855-458-0050.


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