Residents of San Antonio Suburb Timberwood Park Find Effective Addiction Care at Resurgence Behavioral Health

Timberwood Park, TX - The epidemic of opioid abuse continues to be a nationwide problem that touches every corner of society, from the poor and working-class to the wealthy and privileged. Unfortunately, many who try to free themselves from addiction find it’s a long, hard struggle that can have as many setbacks as successes. But residents of Timberwood Park, Texas, effective treatment is available nearby at Resurgence Behavioral Health.

Resurgence is a treatment center for substance abuse and related mental health disorders. At their nationwide centers, they offer the latest treatments for disorders involving alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription medications, which also incorporate therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma-related disorders, and other mental illnesses.

Resurgence Alcohol & Drug Rehab Austin

Resurgence Texas is located in Wimberley, about an hour away from Timberwood Park and San Antonio. Residents of this area will find a customized program of treatment that focuses on the client’s individual needs rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Aiming to be the #1 addiction treatment center in Austin and surrounding areas, Resurgence is committed to making that impact on a daily basis to its residents.

The San Antonio area has not been immune to the opioid crisis. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, San Antonio and the surrounding area suffered 1,402 opioid-related overdose deaths in 2018, about 4.8% of the population. In addition, a high proportion of area residents were prescribed opioids: 47.2 for every 100 people, compared to the U.S. rate of 51.4 in the same year.

For anyone struggling with addiction to opioids or other substances, Resurgence Texas offers a safe, supportive environment where therapy is designed to get to the root causes of addiction. A foundation of Resurgence’s programs is the understanding that each person’s treatment must be as individual as the person themselves. In addition, a vital element of their programs is the belief that addiction may not be a client’s primary disorder but rather, a symptom of a more profound underlying condition. This is known as a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder, and it requires coordinated care.

Resurgence clients usually begin their recovery journey with detox, the cleansing period that prepares the body for treatment. This is not only a potentially uncomfortable experience in which the client must endure withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, tremors, and fever, but may also include dangerous side effects like heart palpitations and elevated blood pressure. For this reason, detox is supervised around the clock by qualified medical professionals who can offer symptom relief and make sure the client remains safe.

Detox is followed by residential (inpatient) and outpatient treatment. In outpatient treatment, the client continues therapy at Resurgence but lives at home while putting their new life skills to use in everyday situations. Some clients may need a more supervised, secure setting; for them, the staff may recommend a Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, or Sober Living program. Outpatient treatment can be a vulnerable time, so no one is released who is not ready.

Care does not stop when the client leaves the center. They can continue aftercare for as long as they need, and alumni programs and activities provide lifelong support from a strong sober community long after formal treatment ends.

This warm and welcoming environment is the heart of recovery at Resurgence, right from the start. From the moment a client enters treatment, they will sense that this is not like other treatment centers. The atmosphere is relaxed and positive, with as little physical stress as possible so clients can focus on their recovery. Recreational outings are designed for fun and enjoyment. In addition, community service projects demonstrate that each person can make a difference to others, no matter what they’re going through in their own lives.

Resurgence allows addicted couples to attend inpatient treatment together (while staying in separate, same-sex living areas). Pets are permitted; so is smoking outdoors. After an initial adjustment period, clients can also have access to cell phones and laptops.

Anyone searching for addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one may begin the process of recovery by visiting Resurgence online or calling 855-458-0050.


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