Residents of Hollywood Park Texas a Suburb of San Antonio Find Effective Addiction and Mental Health Treatment at Resurgence Behavioral Health

Hollywood Park, TX - Mental health and substance use disorders often go hand in hand. Addiction may only be a symptom of a deeper underlying condition such as depression or anxiety. Residents of Hollywood Park, Texas, can find effective treatment for mental health and substance abuse nearby at Resurgence Texas.

Resurgence offers evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders involving alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription medications. They also provide therapy for mental health conditions that often accompany addiction, such as anxiety and depression. Clients receive the entire continuum of care at Resurgence, from medically assisted detox through residential and outpatient rehab, with aftercare and follow-up programs to help them transition into new lives free from active addiction.

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Resurgence operates treatment centers across the country. Its Texas location is in the small town of Wimberley near the state capital, Austin, in Travis County. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that Travis County’s drug-overdose rate is 11.6 per 100,000 people for all drugs and 4.8 per 100,000 people for opioids. While the rate is lower than the national average, the health reporting agency cites the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in recommending more opioid addiction treatment in Travis County.

For Hollywood Park residents who need such help, Resurgence Texas seeks to address the root causes of addiction and offer customized solutions that treat each client’s individual needs. Every person’s addiction experience is different, and so is their journey to recovery.

For many, achieving recovery is a more complex matter than simply treating addiction. Drug or alcohol addiction is more than a single condition; it is often a sign of a more profound emotional or psychological disorder. When a person receives a diagnosis of substance use disorder plus one or more mental health conditions, this is known as a dual diagnosis. This dual-diagnosis approach presents a complex array of conditions that must be treated with a sophisticated approach.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about half of people who experience a substance use disorder have struggled at the same time with a mental illness such as anxiety, depression, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, personality disorder, or schizophrenia.

This may be because the addict is using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate their mental health condition. Additionally, substance abuse can cause symptoms of mental health disorders. Mental health conditions and substance use disorders also share many of the same risk factors, such as early childhood trauma, another reason they often occur in the same person. In these cases, addiction and mental health must be treated in tandem for the best chance of a successful outcome.

Dual-diagnosis treatment is a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Resurgence also extends that approach to the setting it provides to clients. Its facilities are comfortable and serene, to make recovery as physically pleasant as possible. Resurgence serves meals prepared by an on-site chef and its Texas addiction treatment center location provides clients a rustic retreat-like setting. Clients can enjoy excursions, horseback riding and fireside meetings in the evening. At Resurgence, clients are allowed to smoke outside, can enjoy TV in their rooms, and are allowed cellphones after a two-week stabilization period.

Addicted couples can attend treatment together as recovery is aided when both partners are equally motivated to find sobriety. Additionally, pets are welcome at Resurgence because they understand the emotional support people get from their pets.

The comfortable surroundings and personalized treatment are not intended simply to pamper the clients, but to remove as much physical stress as possible so people can focus entirely on their recovery. For more information and to speak with an addiction specialist any time, 24/7, visit Resurgence at 855-458-0050.


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