Residential Rehabilitation Program For PTSD And Other Mental Health Issues Now Taking New Patients

Sun City, Arizona-based Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, is pleased to announce they are accepting patients with primary mental health concerns for treatment. Emerald Isle Health & Recovery is proud to be a top provider of substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment for Arizona and the United States at large. With a full range of mental health treatment options, including inpatient care for PTSD, complex trauma, depression, and other psychological disorders, Emerald Isle now stands at the forefront for those seeking relief from psychological distress.

The center explains that inpatient residential programs are best suited for anyone who struggles with the most severe of mental illnesses. In such programs, such as their residential PTSD treatment offering, the client will receive round-the-clock care and therapy to help them recover mentally — and if needed, physically, following their diagnosis.

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The best inpatient residential mental health facilities provide a broad scope of services to address total wellness. Additionally, they follow evidence-based programming targeted to bring about long-term improvements in their clients.

Emerald Health & Recovery shares that while most people suffering mental health issues will have something to gain from inpatient treatments, given that every person with a mental health diagnosis experiences their illness uniquely, not everyone will need this level of care. The health center identifies bipolar depression as an example here, explaining that where one person struggling with bipolar issues can take medication, attend counseling and learn coping strategies to manage their symptoms without further complications, another might feel the symptoms so keenly that they are consumed by their condition and will continue to feel increasingly intense mood swings or even progress into a desire to self-harm. This is a good example of how the same serious condition can result in two different situations, the latter of which presents a person who could benefit from inpatient treatment.

Anyone suffering from PTSD issues can greatly gain from inpatient treatment. Those who are dealing with PTSD often have severe symptoms, such as intrusive memories (flashbacks and recurrent, unwanted distressing memories of the traumatic event; upsetting dreams and bad reactions to situations that remind them of the traumatic event), negative thinking and mood (negative thoughts about themselves and people surrounding them, difficulty maintain relationships, difficulty experiencing positive emotions and more), and others (like destructive behavior, self-harm, being easily startled, lack of sleep and so on). A lot of people who experience PTSD experience several issues at once, and inpatient treatment can be a great way for them to heal and get better.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery says, “We are fully committed to providing care for those with mental health conditions seeking treatment, with a full continuum of care for these patients. Our team of mental health experts is empathetic, compassionate, and fully dedicated to ensuring their patients recover. We do everything within our power to ensure that everyone who works with us will successfully achieve their goal of recovery and go on to live a happy and healthy life.”

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery’s commitment to their community is unparalleled. They offer no-cost mental health assessments so that everyone can get the help they need without spending money to just determine whether or not they need help. As the health center explains, a mental health assessment is a measuring stick that mental health professionals use to make a professional diagnosis of any mental illness. Only by using standardized mental health assessment tools can a provider make an accurate diagnosis.

Emerald Isle adds, “If you believe that you might have a mental health disorder, it can be frightening to ask for help. However, until you receive a mental health assessment, you will not know with certainty if you do or do not. We provide free mental health assessments where you can see if you need further help, and our doctors will be glad to guide you in whatever direction you need and help you through your diagnosis.”

Those who want to learn more about the range of services provided by Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, including their family mental health therapy programs, are welcome to visit the center’s website to get started. Interested parties can get in touch with the center via the Contact Us page on the Emerald Isle Health & Recovery website as well.


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