Reputation Management Software Dandy Suggests Methods To Remove Malicious Reviews On Yelp

Dandy, a reputation management software solution that helps businesses manage the reviews that they receive on various social media platforms, has published a blog post that discusses the best methods to remove defamatory reviews on Yelp.

Yelp is one of the biggest crowd-sourced review aggregator websites on the internet. It covers all kinds of businesses such as restaurants, bars, dentists, beauty salons, and doctors. A high or low Yelp rating can be the difference between a business thriving in its local market or being completely overlooked and being forced to shut down due to a lack of interest. A good rating on Yelp is so important for a business that case studies have shown that numerous businesses see a significant rise in bookings and consequently revenue when they manage to increase their rating on the platform. However, this is also a double-edged sword as a poor rating can ring the death knell for a fledgling company.

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This is where the dangerous prospect of fake reviews comes in. Shady and unscrupulous competitors will go to any length to malign a legitimate business that is performing well above expectations. This includes unleashing a swarm of bot accounts that flood the legitimate business’s Yelp profile with fraudulent reviews that either twist the truth or flat out fabricate lies in order to drive down its rating. This can be a serious problem as real businesses can feel overwhelmed by the aggressive tactics used by competitors that wish to harm their livelihood. This is where a reputation management service, such as that offered by Dandy, becomes invaluable. Dandy can help businesses remove fake reviews on Yelp and regain their standing on the platform.

The blog post from Dandy lists three methods to fight fake reviews. The first method is to contact the customer directly to resolve the issue that prompted them to leave a scathing review. A business can try offering vouchers, refunds, or other incentives to build goodwill with a disgruntled customer in order to get them to remove the review or change their rating. The onus is on the business to use its best customer service skills to persuade the customer to change their mind. Most importantly, one should keep calm and be professional in their demeanor and never antagonize the customer further, or else all hopes of removing the review vanish. If a business responds to a customer on the Yelp platform itself, other customers will see the business’s attempts to pursue the reviewer to change their rating and might construe it as bullying, damaging the business’s brand further.

The next step recommended by the blog post is to check if the problematic review violates Yelp’s Terms of Service. If a review does not adhere to the website’s strict content guidelines, the business can make a case to Yelp to remove it. Yelp will remove any reviews containing inappropriate content such as threats, online harassment, hate speech, or reviews that are deemed to be fake. Reviews must only be a first-hand experience and must respect privacy laws. Dandy is intimately familiar with Yelp’s content guidelines and has helped remove over 5000 damaging negative reviews for its many clients.

Finally, the blog post gives steps on how to flag bad feedback to bring it to the platform’s attention to remove poor reviews on Yelp. First, a business should claim its page by visiting Then it should find the negative or fake review in the “Reviews” section of the Yelp business account. The next step is to select the three dots (“More Options”) and choose “Report Review.” After this has been done, a Yelp employee will determine if the review violates their Terms of Service. It is recommended to take screenshots of the review because it may be necessary if the business owner opts to take legal action against the customer. If one is sure that the review is false, an attorney can help the business send the reviewer a cease and desist letter.

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