Reputable SEO Addiction Treatment Services Provider Updates the Last Few Years of Industry Happenings

Traverse City, Michigan -

MasterMindSEO for rehab centers has been helping addiction treatment facilities since 2014 serve people who are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. Celebrating their 8th year in the addiction treatment marketing space, Stephen, MasterMind's founder, wanted to provide some observations of the industry and what has happened in the past few years. He stated, "Since the pandemic, there has been a remarkable increase in search intent when looking at Google Trends. MasterMind has also seen many of the centers that they work with or work with through their white label partners; they have opened new centers, hired new staff, and have been able to help more individuals who are struggling with addiction. The pandemic forced so many people into isolation. And addiction professionals know that isolation is one of the major triggers for relapsing when one is in recovery. Partnering with these addiction treatment facilities, and seeing people go through alcohol rehab or drug rehab, again is heartbreaking. MasterMind is extremely happy to see people finding joy and peace in sobriety. MasterMind is proud to be a leader in the mental health marketing space. Rehab centers come to MasterMind typically by word of mouth or by Google search. MasterMind helps them rank their Google Business Profile, (Google Maps location) as well as structure a content marketing plan that helps put their center in front of people who require their services."

Stephen Twomey went on to say that they are very pleased to be able to help addiction treatment facilities get their message out to those they can help. That’s something he says is not always easy to do. Even the best addiction centers need more than just establishing a reputation for having addiction treatments that work and are sustainable. He says that’s where their services come into play. Their SEO for addiction centers gets more leads and in turn, also gets more patients into these centers’ treatment programs. The company’s founder says that this creates a win-win situation for the centers and those suffering from various forms of addiction that are desperately looking for help. Their SEO for addiction treatment providers has been so successful that it’s been featured in numerous online publications. This includes everything from to Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many others. That’s why MasterMind has the label of being expert in addiction marketing.

MasterMindSEO addiction treatment marketing services

The company founder went on to say that their digital marketing and lead generation services for drug and alcohol treatment centers focus on several key areas that will help increase any center increase its all-important digital presence. This includes helping them upgrade their entire recovery marketing strategy. He says they do this by such means as giving their clients the ability to buy qualified leads for detox and rehab that are known to produce results. They will also help with improving organic SEO. Twomey says that it should be the goal of all addiction treatment centers to rank high on Google searches because their task is too important to go unnoticed because of low search rankings. It was also mentioned how those at MasterMindSEO are pros when it comes to helping a treatment center improve the content on its website. This is critical with the way that Google’s search algorithms are set up. He says nowadays it takes relative and informational website content to improve search rankings. It was also mentioned that their service can help with Facebook ads, other content marketing, and outreach for whitehat link building. Twomey mentioned that all it takes to get started with them is a simple phone call and that all initial consultations are free of charge.

Those treatment centers and others that have used MaterMindSEO’s services have been very pleased with the results. John Beebe stated, “Steve is the best. My company was on page 10 when I started with MasterMind and he took me to the #5 position on page one. I would recommend him to anyone that needs SEO help.” Twomey reminded that more detailed information as to how they can help any addiction treatment center increase their digital presence can be found on their website. See how MasterMind helped another nonaddiction treatment center with a website rebranding.


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