Reputable Psychiatrist in Dallas Discusses the Benefits that Online Psychiatry and Telepsychiatry Offer

Aura MD Dallas offers premier psychiatric services for adult ADHD, anxiety, and depression. They are also a mental health facility that is leading the way when it comes to the advancement of telepsychiatry endeavors. This ensures that everyone in Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding communities have access to treatments that can properly address their mental health issues. Since not everyone is familiar with the benefits that online psychiatry and telepsychiatry offer, the lead psychiatrist at this reputable mental health clinic, Dr. Ashley Toutounchi, MD, wanted to discuss this further.

Dr. Toutounchi stated, “It’s readily apparent to all of us that the ongoing pandemic has at least temporarily changed the way that we once freely moved about. There is one thing that has not changed though and that’s that many people in Dallas and the surrounding areas still face mental health issues that need to be addressed. That’s why I felt it was so important to go over the main benefits that our online psychiatry and telepsychiatry services offer to those facing mental challenges.”

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Dr. Toutounchi says that among the main benefits that online psychiatry and telepsychiatry offer is convenience. There is no longer a need to do such things as taking time to get ready to go to an appointment or navigate through heavy Dallas area traffic. She pointed out that their online psychiatry and telepsychiatry services are also accessible to almost everyone because they can be conducted over a landline, mobile phone, laptop, PC, or any other type of smart device. The online mental health services that they offer are nearly identical to those offered at the clinic and any related prescriptions can easily be forwarded to a patient’s pharmacy of choice for pickup. Since these online psychiatrist Dallas sessions take place in a non-office setting, it also helps patients avoid having to deal with some of the stigmas that often accompany going to a mental health care clinic. The fact that their online psychiatry and telepsychiatry are so discreet has led more people than ever to seek treatment for mental health challenges they are facing.

Aura MD Dallas’s lead psychiatrist also talked about how the ongoing pandemic has only magnified the benefits that online psychiatry and telepsychiatry offers. That’s because it has forced people to transition to telemedicine so they can still get help with their mental health concerns and avoid unnecessary exposure to the virus at the same time. She added that all of the normal services that they normally offer in their clinic such as addressing ADHD, anxiety, and depression issues can also be availed online or over the phone. The professional team at Aura MD Dallas is also experienced when it comes to helping online patients with bipolar disorder issues, insomnia, medical weight loss, women's health issues, and DNA genetic testing services. Dr. Toutounchi also wanted to emphasize that Aura MD’s services can be taken advantage of outside the Dallas area too. This has helped those in other areas of Texas such as Austin and Houston to continue with the mental health journey that they started at Aura MD Dallas.

Patients that have taken advantage of Aura MD Dallas’s online psychiatry and telepsychiatry services have been very pleased with the results of the therapy they received. Jennifer Mrusek proclaimed, “So happy to find an awesome psychiatrist that is convenient and does online visits. After finally being accurately diagnosed with ADHD by Dr. T and put on the right meds, it’s made a huge change in my life!” Sandra R. professed, “Love Aura MD! The online portal is awesome! I work with Brandon and he actually listens to my med concerns and follows up after appointments. I live in Austin now but I would never change providers. I also don't feel that virtual appointments have lowered the standard of the care that’s provided. Appointments are easy to schedule and Kathy confirms them quickly and has always helped me to find a time that works.”

Those that would like to learn more about the telemedicine services that this Dallas psychiatrist offers can contact the clinic by phone or email or visit the Aura MD website.


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