Reputable New Orleans Web Design Company Goes Over the Characteristics that Good Websites Possess

Infintech Designs is an innovative digital marketing company that has experienced great success changing the way local businesses are presented, shared, and discussed online. This New Orleans web design company is also known for its excellent customer service and part of that is helping their customers better understand how their services work. A good example of that is the president and founder of Infintech Designs, Brian Hong, taking time out to explain the traits that they focus on when designing a website that is intended to significantly increase a client business’s web presence. Their web design approach has been successful when it comes to helping local doctors, dentists, lawyers, home service companies, and others with their online visibility and lead generation capability.

Hong, says, “Most business owners and managers fully realize how important a well-designed website is to their company’s continued growth. However, not many company owners and managers know exactly what it takes to optimize their website. That’s why I thought I would take a little time to discuss the design characteristics that make up an impactful website. These are traits that we always keep at the forefront when we are designing a new website for a client or taking steps to improve upon an existing one.”

The company president stated that one of the first tasks they concentrate on when designing a new website from scratch or upgrading an existing one is to create a website that’s built for speed by being extremely user-friendly. They will also take steps to make sure their clients’ websites have the right mix of visuals and text to keep those sites engaging so they do a better job of drawing the desired target audience in. He also mentioned they place great emphasis on effectively positioning a client’s brand as an authority and making sure a business’s message and values are fully reflected in their new or upgraded website. This web design service also strives to create embedded website features that encourage site users to take specific actions. Those at Infintech Designs also realize that websites that are optimized for both mobile and desktop users do a better job of boosting sales, conversions, leads, and phone calls. Hong says that when a strong website design is combined with proper search engine optimization it can be a powerful tool for increasing any business's web presence.

Hong also talked about some of the other ways they can help a business generate more leads and grow. This includes taking steps to help a company expand its social media marketing effort and use Google Reviews and Google Ads to their benefit. He says they are also very good when it comes to applying some of the advanced link-building techniques that they have learned during their many years in existence. Online reputation management and establishing guest post outreach links are also specialties of this reputable digital marketing company.

The reviews that Infintech Designs has received on its services have been overwhelmingly positive. Matthew Tucker proclaimed, “The best SEO and web design company in New Orleans that I have worked with. Infintech Designs worked better and faster when it came to improving my business' online presence. They also go the extra mile by updating everything down to the littlest detail. A very dedicated team of experts.” Douglas Williams wrote, “Infintech Design in New Orleans has exceeded my expectations when it comes to web design and on-page SEO services. Their strategies and expertise have assisted in bringing our business to the top of search engines. Brian was also willing to work hand in hand with us. Our respect and gratitude to their whole team cannot be underestimated!” These two glowing reviews were taken from the company’s Google Maps Business Listing where they average a perfect 5 out of a possible 5-stars on over 200 reviews. That’s an impressive track record of customer satisfaction.

Proprietors and managers of any size business that would like more information on the services this New Orleans website design company offers can call them, send them an email, or they can fill out the Free Estimate & Consultation form that’s found on their website’s homepage.


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