Reputable Exterior House Painter Further Expanding in the San Diego Area

The Better Painting Company is a painting services provider that has worked hard to build a solid reputation in and around the San Diego, CA Area. One of this company’s specialty services is painting home exteriors. Word of mouth has gotten around about how the company’s painting crews are meticulous when it comes to prepping and painting the outsides of homes. This expertise has created even more demand for their exterior painting services in areas of San Diego where the company done not currently have a strong presence. In a recent announcement, the company stated that it would now expand into more areas of San Diego to accommodate the increased demand for its exterior home painting services. The service area that they now cover in and around San Diego can be seen on Google Maps.

Mark Fields, a representative of the company, says, “There are a lot of good things that come from taking pride in the work that you do and I am fortunate to have painting crews that do exactly that. The word of mouth this has created about our company has led to ever-increasing numbers of inquiries about our services. This includes some areas of Sand Diego where we have not done many exterior house painting projects. But we are now happy to announce that we will be further expanding our San Diego area coverage to accommodate those homeowners that want the absolute best exterior painting job that they can get.”

The company representative went on to say that he has gotten new requests for painting help from areas of San Diego that he barely realized existed or has never visited. Just the same, they will now be providing quality exterior painting services to a large majority of the San Diego area and most of the surrounding communities. He added that this expansion will in no way impact the high-quality standards that they perform all of their exterior and other painting services too. Fields went on to say that he believes their exterior and other painting services have gotten more popular because they are always done keeping three important traits in mind. This includes the company philosophy of being ‘clean, fast, and not compromising on quality’. More on this company philosophy and work ethic can be seen on the company website at He went on to mention that their work philosophy includes doing work that is always on time and on budget without cutting corners. Every job is also done with quality in mind every step of the way including using only premium paints and other materials. Lastly, the company representative stated that no painting job of theirs is ever considered to be complete unless a thorough cleanup of the work area has taken place.

Fields also mentioned that they do much more than just paint the exteriors of homes too. They also are willing to work with any commercial building owner or manager that needs exterior painting work to be done. He says that they also have established a solid reputation when it comes to their interior painting services. It was also brought up that they get many requests for their cabinet work. This includes both painting and refinishing cabinets which is a much cheaper alternative to buying new cabinets when someone undertakes a kitchen renovation project.

Those that have used this company’s painting services have expressed much satisfaction with the results. Jeff Santiago wrote, “I give five stars for the amazing work they did painting the exterior of my house! Their attention to detail in the prep work was incredible.” Julie Henderson’s glowing review stated, “Everything was done just like they promised and they left the house clean and spotless. If you’re looking for a great painting job, this company is the way to go.”

Fields closed by saying, “Anyone that has questions on our expanded San Diego service territory or any of our quality painting services can easily contact us by phone or email.”


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