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Champion Exteriors, a New Jersey roofing contractor, would like to reach out to local home and business owners who may be in search of a reliable roof repair, installation and maintenance service. The company offers repairs and replacements and has even published an article, titled ‘Can You Replace Your Roof In Winter,’ that explains how replacement during the cold winter months is possible. The article can be found here:

The roofing specialists at Champion Exteriors have the tools and experience needed to handle any and all roofing related projects. Whenever the weather turns cold, many begin to notice that their roofs are not completely dry. Winter weather can seriously damage a roofing system, which makes it necessary to repair or replace the roof — a job that is often better left to the professionals.

“A ceiling leak or missing shingles during these months can be especially concerning, and you might have to consider putting in a new roof,” says Champion Exteriors. “That said, it is winter. Can you replace a roof in the wintertime? This is a valid question and one that is asked all the time in the South Jersey area. The answer is yes, you absolutely can replace your roof in the winter. Of course, it is necessary to adapt to the weather and use the proper practice to install a roof system in the cold. This will ensure that your roof functions in top shape and lasts for a long time. Roofing contractors from South Jersey know that when the cold weather arrives, it is time to modify and adjust to winter roofing conditions. Roof issues don’t stop just because it is cold outside, so talk to us to learn how you can replace your roof in the winter and what you should know about the process.”

During winter, the process of installing a roof is slightly more complicated than during the warmer months of the year. Cold weather can cause shingles to break if they are hammered into place at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, for example, and so it is important to warm the shingles before installing them when installing a roof in winter. Only a professional roofer knows how to seal shingles properly in winter. Many of the items used in roofing, such as asphalt shingles, require that the environmental conditions be just right to proceed.

“Aside from brittle and broken shingles, colder temperatures mean that snow, ice and frost can form on your roof, which represents a safety issue for your roofing professionals,” says the roofing company. “When you hire a professional roofing company with knowledgeable and skilled employees, they will understand that wearing proper footwear and using the proper harnesses are essential to their own safety. When the temperature dips below 40 degrees, your roofers may run into an issue with the self-adhesive shingles, which have a difficult time sticking when below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the weather has warmed a little, the self-adhesive works optimally.”

Winter maintenance is another process that requires an experienced professional. Roof maintenance is very important as it can detect problems before they become major issues and thus increase the lifespan of one’s roof. Winter brings with it elements like snow and ice which need to be removed in order to ensure that the roof does not sustain unnecessary damage and can continue to protect the building below adequately. Read more here:

The Champion Exteriors team has worked on thousands of roofs over the many years that their team has been operating, and many have come to trust the New Jersey roofing company to handle any project professionally as well at a great rate. Many of the company’s customers have left excellent reviews online praising Champion Exteriors for their great service.

Macey Kimmins says, “This company was phenomenal from the start. The owner came out to do an estimate on my roof. He even used live videos to show me the various wear and tear on my roof. Thanks for a great experience, Champion Exteriors!” Khali Corbin’s review similarly says, “Great roofing company, very reliable and highly satisfied with their work! Will definitely use them again for future projects!”

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