RENU Therapy Takes the Plunge With New Digital Marketing Partner, Bliss Drive

The California-based Cold Plunge Tank manufacturer, RENU Therapy, has announced a new partnership with the digital marketing agency, Bliss Drive. Bliss Drive is also based in California, with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Irvine, CA. RENU Therapy has engaged the services of Bliss Drive to help spread the word about their high-quality, iceless cold plunge tanks that are handmade in the United States.

As the RENU Therapy website states, Cold Water Immersion, also known as CWI or “Cold Plunging is a great way to add to [a business’s] offerings in the Health & Wellness space. Any Business, Training facility, Trainer, counselor, or Health Coach can increase profits and grow their customer base by offering CWI. The demand for this is increasing every day and with the positive impact on Boosting Immunity right now, the demand is only growing! The RENU Therapy Cryo Tank is always Cold and Clean, sets up in 5 minutes, and can handle a Commercial Application.”

In comparison to traditional cold plunge tanks, the RENU Therapy Cold Plunge Tanks have a “4-Part Purification System that is All Natural with No Chemicals required! Ozone, or energetic oxygen, is a powerful oxidizer, combined with a 10" Filter System, surface Dirt and Oil Remover Buoy, and a Spa Sanitizer Mineral Stick that uses silver ions to destroy bacteria and algae. The RENU Plunge Tank stays clean and rarely requires a water change which conserves water.”

As previously mentioned, the RENU Therapy Cold Plunge Tanks are also iceless and through the use of a programmable thermostat, allows users to “constantly maintain the water at temperatures between 39 and 55 degrees.” In addition, the RENU Therapy Cold Plunge Tanks are “weatherproof, use a standard 110 Plug, [and are] safe around water.”

On the RENU Therapy Pick Your Plunge page, the RENU Therapy team describes the differences between the two cold plunge tanks offered by RENU Therapy, stating that the Siberian Cold Plunge Tank “comes with a light grey body and a Dark specialty Deck top that... is treated with the ancient Japanese waterproofing technique called ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ (焼杉板) , and is literally an Art piece that you can Cold Plunge in. You will not find a better looking plunge tank or a better price for the quality.” Meanwhile, “the Cold Stoic comes with a black body and a Naturally Stained Redwood Deck Top” that “is treated with all natural Tung oil and finished off with 100% Natural Beeswax.”

The RENU Therapy headquarters is located at 1607 E. McFadden Ave Suite B, Santa Ana CA 92705. For more information, interested readers can contact RENU Therapy during regular business hours by telephone at 714-617-2007. The team at RENU Therapy can also be contacted by email at or by visiting the RENU Therapy website at

Readers interested in learning more about the search engine optimization and digital marketing services provided by Bliss Drive can visit their website by clicking here.


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