Renowned Fitness Author’s ‘The Ultimate Workout’ Creatively Combines Kickboxing and Dumbbell Training Routines

Taylor Made Fitness Training has come up with a new total body workout that is fast gaining in popularity. It’s what the staff at this training facility calls ‘The Ultimate Workout’. It’s a very unique general fitness workout because it contains the rare combination of kickboxing and dumbbell training. That makes it the perfect workout not only for martial artists and other self-defense enthusiasts but it’s also suitable for fitness beginners and others who want to try a different and exhilarating total body workout. Those who have experienced this new way of working out claim that it has left them feeling healthier, fitter, and stronger. This training facility’s expertise when it comes to self-defense only adds to the quality of this new workout routine.

This new fitness routine’s developer is the founder of Taylor Made Fitness Training, Nigel Taylor. He has authored some 25 books on different fitness-related subjects. Taylor is also an avid world traveler that is originally from Chesterfield, England but he decided to exchange the cold and rain of his hometown for the heat and sun of South Texas back in 2001. This is where he has resided ever since in a home that he shares with his beautiful wife and many dogs. His fitness knowledge and workout creativity have made his Round Rock, Texas gym one of the most successful personal training facilities in that area of Texas and beyond. More about this new workout routine can be seen on the Taylor Made Fitness Training website here at

Taylor Made Fitness Training

Taylor says, “The Ultimate Workout is a unique program that consists of kickboxing with dumbbells and a carefully thought out selection of exercises designed to give you a total body workout. It’s guaranteed to hit the whole body like never before!” It’s a fairly cost-effective workout routine to do at home too as it only requires an investment in a punching bag and a set of dumbbells. Taylor continued by saying one of the points of emphasis that he kept in mind while creating ‘The Ultimate Workout’ was that he wanted to make it as versatile as possible. He accomplished this by creating beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of the workout so that it provides everyone with a great workout regardless of their experience or fitness level. There is also the fact that he gives those following this workout routine several different ways that they can make it more challenging. This includes those doing ‘The Ultimate Workout’ increase the amount of weight they use on a dumbbell, increasing the number of reps that are done with each exercise, making the workout rounds longer, and shortening the rest period between exercises. According to Taylor, from the positive feedback they have received so far from those that have tried ‘The Ultimate Workout’, it has a chance to be the next ‘big thing’ when it comes to total body workouts.

Other fitness routine’s that Taylor has designed that have become popular include ‘Kick Boxing Cardio’, and ‘Street Self-Defense’ which combines fitness exercises with techniques that one can use to defend themselves. Taylor has also made quite a name for himself as a personal trainer in the Round Rock area. Those that have used his personal training services speak highly of him. Paul Smith wrote, “Nigel is the only trainer I know that not only offers kickboxing and self-defense in the same session but has actually invented his own entire martial art!! To say I was impressed is an understatement! This guy’s sessions are a must!!! Nigel has his own style of self-defense that is fun and easy to do and made me realize you don’t have to be a black belt to be effective, I really believe I could protect myself if I had to! Overall, the session was fun, interesting, and challenging.”

Those that want to try ‘The Ultimate Workout’ can go to Taylor Made Fitness Training’s YouTube channel which is titled ‘The Fitness Motivator’. That YouTube channel can be viewed here at Along with ‘The Ultimate Workout’ Video, other videos that can be seen on their YouTube channel include ‘Stretching and Loosening Up Before Kickboxing’, ‘Gym motivation / Don’t Look for Excuses Not to Workout’, and the ‘Best Stress Reliever and Stretching Program / Preview’.


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