Renovated Kitchen Attracts More Buyers, Real Estate Expert Says

According to Bluffton-based real estate expert Yvette Acuff, homeowners should invest in their kitchen to attract more potential buyers.

Yvette Acuff of Carson Realty says that home buyers often look for a modern look and up-to-date appliances and amenities. "If you want the house you are selling to stand out among the fierce competition in the housing market, then having a newly renovated kitchen may be just the thing to take your property one step closer to being sold," adds Acuff.

In doing kitchen renovations, Acuff added that it is essential to know what to change and what to keep. "Don't just overhaul everything; that would mean a lot of unnecessary costs and waste of precious time. Not everything may need to be renovated just yet. Some items can be left as is, some may need a few touch-ups, while some may need to be replaced altogether," she further stated.

To make the kitchen attractive to buyers, here are some upgrades suggested by Acuff.

First is adding cabinetry since cabinets provide a more modern and clean finish to the kitchen. According to real estate companies, homebuyers nowadays also often look for appliances that are sleek, eco-friendly, and have smart-tech features. WiFi-enabled and smartphone compatible refrigerators and dishwashers are a few examples of these appliances.

Good lighting and well-thought-out plumbing fixtures can help in highlighting kitchen appliances. These small details can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the kitchen. Changing dated countertops for a modern, sleek, and elegant finish is also attractive to buyers. Kitchen with durable floors also standout. Long-lasting materials such as natural stone tiles or wood flooring are a good investment, according to Acuff.

Another sure way to attract buyers is by adding unique kitchen amenities to the house. Some examples are built-in wine coolers or espresso machines, customized drawers, creative storage areas, and many more. They are quite expensive but all worth the price. To get a better idea of what amenities are common in your local housing market in Bluffton, SC, consult with top real estate agent Yvette Acuff of Carson Realty.

Acuff is a respected name in the industry armed with over 40 years of experience. She is the founder of the premier multiple listing service in SC, the Multiple Listing Service of Hilton Head Island (HHIMLS). This listing business allows real estate professionals to do business using foremost technology solutions and services. It's even considered the most reliable data in the marketplace for its up-to-date listing information.

She then extended the MLS to surrounding counties to promote properties in outlying areas. Now, the company is considered as one of the country's top technological MLS services.

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