Remove A Pool Says There’s Still Time to Enjoy the Benefits That Getting Rid of an Unwanted Swimming Pool Offers

With COVID-19 restrictions now being eased in the Mid-Atlantic states, the crews at Remove A Pool are anxious to get back to work. The company wants to remind people that they still have time to enjoy the many benefits that removing an unwanted pool will provide for them. Remove A Pool acknowledges that there are many stresses and strains that go along with owning an unused pool and they are ready to help eliminate those in what takes only the better part of a day.

The company spokesperson, S. Gordon, had this to say, “I can’t even keep track of the number of times that we go to remove a swimming pool and the owner says that they have been keeping it up for several years even though it’s been unused for a long time. Maybe this is because their kids have grown up and moved away or they simply don’t use the pool anymore. This makes me cringe when I think of all the money that they spent on seasonal upkeep and costly repairs. In most cases that money would have paid to have their swimming pool removed several times over. Not to mention, the peace of mind that they would have gotten if that swimming pool was no longer there to take care of. Don’t get me wrong, some of us here at the company have swimming pools and we like them but we all admit we will get rid of them quickly once we stop using them regularly.”

For those that keep their swimming pools running just to keep them from being unsightly and becoming frog ponds, Gordon says the money that they spend simply is not worth it. He says that instead, that money can go toward removing that unused pool and reclaiming the yard area that it rests in. The pool owner will no longer have the expense of running the pool, the worry that goes along with having a swimming pool, and the possible liability issues that arise from accidents in and around pools. The company spokesperson also says that it will probably slightly lower their homeowner’s insurance premiums too once their swimming pool is gone and filled in. Gordon says he also cautions against people keeping their swimming pool because they feel it adds value to their home. He says that in reality, the opposite is true. Most real estate agents that he knows will tell him they have a much more difficult time selling a home that has a built-in swimming pool. When he runs into a customer after he has removed a swimming pool for them, he says that he often hears things like they now have more room to play sports in their backyard, they installed a garden that they enjoy, or they have added a practical outdoor living space that they can relax in.

Gordon also said that he strongly advises against people trying to remove their unwanted swimming pools because this often turns into a disaster. He says it also can be very dangerous for those that don’t know what they are doing. Swimming pools may look like they are a pretty simple type of construction but there is much that goes on underneath them that gives them the strength to hold 20,000+ gallons of water. This includes thick concrete footers that are set in rebar and at least a 4-inch thick concrete bottom. The company spokesperson says that neither of which comes out easily without special equipment. Each swimming pool also has several hundred feet of plumbing that goes around an under it. He says that it’s definitely a job that’s best left to professionals like them that have the know-how and heavy equipment to remove a swimming pool.

Remove A Pool offers swimming pool removal services in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Florida, North Carolina, and many other locations across the country. For more information on this Maryland pool removal company, those who are interested can call them, send them an e-mail, or fill out the form that’s found on the contact page of their website.


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