Remote Workers Are Driving Suburban Home Sales Says Dependable Homebuyers

A recent study by Dependable Homebuyers, a real estate company in the United States, found that remote workers are driving suburban home sales. The study revealed that telecommuting homeowners purchased homes in different locations than they had over the past decade. Suburban areas were popular this year with more people buying houses for sale near me and greener neighborhoods.

The past year has fundamentally altered many aspects of our daily lives, along with a host of long-held assumptions or beliefs about work, quality of life and what “normal” should look like. The need for social distancing turned remote work into an overnight reality in 2020 when the internet came on the scene 25 years ago—someday we will be able to live anywhere due to advances in technology which allow us uninterrupted connections 24/7 while still staying connected socially.

"We found that new suburban homeowners are seeking homes that are set up for telework, such as houses with an office space," said a representative at Dependable Homebuyers. "This is a trend we're seeing nationwide."

And for real estate markets, millions of workers' new-found ability to work from their homes changed how they view housing, what they need from homes and where they want to live. A recent article was pushed that covers this topic.

The idea of having a home office is not new, but the ability to do a job from anywhere became possible in recent years with technological advances. On April 2020, when much of Corporate America was cutting jobs and downsizing staff due to economic woes at that time, many companies were turning back on their trend by adopting remote work policies for employees - if they had any left. The success of this workforce model saved the economy from further pain during these tough times and helped it rebound faster than expected.

It’s not hard to imagine that the days of finding a place for a laptop and settling into an office chair are numbered. Gone are the lengthy commutes, expensive clothing choices, dry-cleaning expenses – all replaced by reclaimed personal time on remote locations with WiFi connections.

"The more people we asked, the more people we found that wanted to move to the suburbs. Many sold their city homes and moved to the suburbs this year, and that's what we are seeing in our sales data," said Robyn Smith of Dependable Homebuyers.

Their research found a shift toward suburban living after they took a survey at the beginning of 2021. Homeowners were asked if they preferred working at home or in offices following lockdowns ended throughout America this year. 52% said they prefer remote work sites over traditional workplaces where employees have to find parking spots and deal with other distractions like meetings during lunch breaks are rushing to get back to the office in time. The survey found more than half of their respondents want large homes with big yards in green communities and these are all readily available in many suburbs.

Those who are interested in selling their city homes and moving into the county should contact Dependable Homebuyers right away. Their team is able to help individuals determine what type of home would be best for their family's needs, and they can also provide a list of potential neighborhoods that would suit the lifestyle change. Dependable Homebuyers will then provide a cash offer for the individual's city home so that they can make an offer in the suburbs without worrying about home sale contingencies.

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