Reliable Lawn Care Service Available In Pembroke Pines, FL

FL based EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC is pleased to report that their team is ready and willing to provide an exemplary lawn care service to Pembroke Pines homeowners and businesses. While the circumstances surrounding the pandemic have raised several challenges for businesses across the country, the company has been able to meet these challenges head on in order to deliver a consistently high standard of service.

One of EPS’ greatest strengths is that they provide their customers an all-encompassing landscaping and tree care service under one roof. This means that the company is capable of tackling an extremely wide variety of jobs, and customers can rely on EPS to have a solution to virtually any problem they may have with their grounds. This even includes Pembroke Pines lawn care services, from grass cutting and lawn trimming to weed and pest control treatments. Given that businesses and residences alike may benefit from improving their curb appeal, the company is happy to work with various types of properties. In either case, customers may simply hire the company once to see the value of their work — and then expect that same standard to be upheld in successive visits.

Pembroke Pines Florida Lawn Care Service

Lawn reseeding, for instance, is one of EPS’s simplest services that yet serves as an example of how their professional contribution can trump any individual’s lone efforts. A homeowner may be able to reseed their lawn by themselves but EPS’ team is able to marshal their years of experience, training and expertise to determine what pretreatment a lawn may need as well as how the overall project should be approached for the best possible results. This may involve identifying any existing issues with the lawn that would threaten the success of a reseeding attempt (including weeds, pest or fungus infestations and so on). In other cases, they may also take specific steps to prep the soil for this service, among other preparations of this nature.

Furthermore, a homeowner would find that the company is able to investigate a lawn for potential threats to the central structures or living areas. Even if the overall health of a lawn is of little concern to the homeowner, they will likely not want insects and other pests to invade their living spaces. Fortunately, a healthy lawn can act as a barrier to such invasions, and EPS’ lawn pest control services can significantly improve the quality of a customer’s home life.

Cheyn Bartels’ 5-Star Google review illustrates how quickly the company responds to customer inquiries during the pandemic. The review explains, “Had a great experience with EPS. We called for an estimate and not only did they answer the phone immediately, they came out within two hours for a quote. By week’s end, my garden beds were refreshed and looking awesome again! Thank you, Greg and Jessica, for your prompt service and reasonable pricing.”

A more recent review by Vanessa A. praises the company for their professional conduct, prompt responses and high quality service. It says, “Jessica was the best to be in business with! Called her last minute to get some landscaping jobs done, and her team did amazing! Everything looked great, and I love how efficient they were. Wouldn’t work with anyone else. Look forward to working with EPS landscaping on all my landscaping needs.”

According to the team at EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, these experiences represent what each customer can expect when they call the company for the first time. Whether they are returning for scheduled lawn maintenance or stopping by to produce an estimate, customer service is among the company’s highest priorities. As such, they strive to be transparent about their conduct at all times, keeping customers informed of progress as well as being willing to share any insight on the job that a property owner may need to make an informed decision regarding their grounds.

Customers are welcome to get in touch with Greg O'Connell of EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC to follow up on any further inquiries or schedule an estimate for their property. Additional information regarding the full scope of the company’s lawn care, pest control, landscaping and tree services can be found on their official website.


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