Reindeer Auto Wins Logistics Support Award

The auto relocation company is awarded for its top-level service to the corporate global mobility company.

Reindeer Auto is awarded Altair Global's 2020 All-Star Award for Logistics Support Service. Reindeer Auto is an industry leader in domestic, international, and freight relocation service. They have won Altair's award once before in 2019. Altair Global is an international global mobility service with Reindeer Auto providing transportation of Altair's corporate client's automobiles worldwide. Reindeer Auto received the award virtually due to COVID.

"Reindeer strives to provide the top-level service we are known for," says Andy Hadley, Director of Sales at Reindeer Auto. "We have a great team at Reindeer that believes in customer service, and that shows through these awards."

Reindeer Auto uses technology and training in its logistics support. It is the process of planning and executing the efficient transportation of vehicles from one point to another. Reindeer Auto provides, maintains, and coordinates for Altair Global's corporate clients. Since 1997, Reindeer Auto provides open and closed vehicle carriers, same day vehicle pick up and delivery, and door to door car transport service for individuals and businesses such as Altair Global.

Reindeer Auto offers various guaranteed transport times based on mileage, seasonal demands, and client requirements. They will arrange for door to door service, and in instances where the carrier can not access a neighborhood or the resident can not pick up the vehicle, a local open flatbed is assigned to ensure the door to door promise is met. Employees work in partnership with their customers and carriers to ensure timely and efficient relocations. Their new app was recently created to establish seamless communication between customer service representatives and Reindeer Auto customers.

Reindeer Auto works with carriers that are committed to the highest level of customer service with every vehicle. Reindeer Auto headquarters are located in Zionsville, Indiana. Their extensive network is licensed, bonded, and insured. Their logistics team has the experience needed to oversee the details in planning unique moves. Relocation services are provided by air, rail, or water freight. For more information on Reindeer Auto, or to contact them, go to


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