Reindeer Auto Recently Named Global Transport Partner of the Year

The auto relocation service is recognized for excellence by Bristol Global Mobility.

Reindeer Auto, an industry leader in domestic, international, and freight relocations, was recently named Bristol Global Mobility's Transport Partner of the Year. Bristol Global Mobility is a full-service relocation management company. Working tandem with Bristol, Reindeer Auto provides automobile transportation to customers moving nationally or internationally. Bristol Global Mobility has acknowledged reindeer Auto's commitment to providing the highest quality of service with this recent excellence award.

In business since 1997, Reindeer Auto provides reliable car shipping and moving services. They handle the details of pick up and delivery with the ability to track the progress of a vehicle as it moves to its final destination. They provide a variety of options for transporting a vehicle, including open and enclosed transport. Reindeer Auto also arranges door to door service to eliminate any inconvenience to customers. Also, every care is taken to guarantee transport times. Communication between customers and carriers ensures timely and efficient relocations. Same day delivery is available for transfers under 300 miles.

“Receiving the Bristol Global MobilityTransport Partner of the Year is a great honor for us,” says Terry Solvedt,CEO of Reindeer Auto. "We strive to bring real, personal service to every customer. We promise the highest level of communication, care, and commitment to every vehicle we move."

Reindeer Auto specializes in transporting any item that requires unique arrangements. In addition to vehicles, Reindeer Auto can move anything outside the typical automobile as a FAK (freight of any kind). FAK refers to any cargo that is not classified as an automobile and includes boats, motorcycles, pods, RVs, farm equipment, military freight, or oversize freight requiring an escort. Reindeer Auto has even moved a chicken coop. Their logistics team has the experience needed to oversee the details in planning unique moves.

With headquarters in Zionsville, Indiana, Reindeer Auto has a dedicated professional staff to serve all customer’s needs. Someone is always available to take a call. They provide relocation service by air, rail, or water freight, domestically and internationally. For more information on Reindeer Auto, or to contact them, go to


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