Rehab Near Me Reminds People About National Drunk & Drugged Driving Awareness Month and Encourages Them to Seek Help

Rehab Near Me wants to remind people that December is National Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Month and encourages those who have an addiction problem to seek help. They want to point out that with the new year just around the corner, December is a great time to make a fresh start for those who are struggling with an addiction. They also want to explain the difference between inpatient vs outpatient treatment. Inpatient rehab is also known as residential treatment and is considered to be the best strategy for attaining and maintaining long-term sobriety. Outpatient rehab may be used by people with mild addiction issues and by those who want to be able to continue their regular activities while undergoing rehab.

Residential rehab or inpatient rehab includes medical detox and the use of relevant therapeutic methods. This kind of rehab also means full-time treatment at a particular rehabilitation facility. An inpatient rehab program will only be for the short-term, which is most likely only for 30 days. However, the duration of the rehab program will depend on the patient’s condition. After completing the program, patients may choose to continue or opt for an outpatient program or enter a sober living facility to help maintain sobriety and receive the necessary aftercare. Logo

James Thomas, a spokesperson for Rehab Near Me, says, “During their 30-day stay in the facility, they will attend individual and group therapy sessions. Some facilities offer 12- step group meetings. Some of these programs are heavily based on religion to cater to those with similar beliefs. Some programs group patients according to hobbies, interests, demographics, and age. This is to help them relate to people who are experiencing similar problems. This can reinvigorate their social skills and help them feel less alone.”

The 30-day rehab programs will require the patient to live at the rehab center during those 30 days. This will allow the patients to completely focus on getting better, without the triggers and temptations that they usually encounter in their regular environment. In addition, they will be living with people who are going through the same struggles to make them feel that they’re not alone. Those who are interested in learning more about these programs may want to follow Rehab Near Me on Facebook.

Alcoholism or alcohol addiction is one type of addiction that may be treated through rehab programs. Inpatient programs have a high success rate in treating moderate to severe alcohol addiction. Just like with drug rehab programs, these programs for alcohol rehab usually last for 30 days.

Rehab Near Me also offers luxury rehab facilities, which are similar to the regular rehab centers, except that they are designed to offer maximum comfort, privacy, and safety for patients. It is comparable to going to a wellness center or spa. The programs they offer may be more effective overall but they are more expensive compared to those offered by standard rehab facilities.

While celebrities, executives, and other high net worth people can be expected to use luxury rehab centers, they may be used by anyone who requires work flexibility, discretion, and results. Individuals who are worried about work routines or privacy can take advantage of the flexibility and protection provided by luxury rehabs. They offer personalized care that will allow patients to take care of the family and work responsibilities while recovering.

Meanwhile, the rehab centers that have partnered with Rehab Near Me continue to be accessible even during the COVID-19 pandemic. They want to emphasize that it is vital for those who are going through the journey towards recovery to continue. The difference is that they won’t be able to use the usual face-to-face contact with addiction experts and their support networks. Instead, such meetings will be made possible through online platforms. Also, a period of adjustment may be necessary.

Those who are looking for addiction treatment help during COVID-19 for themselves or for their loved ones may want to check out the Rehab Near Me website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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