Rehab Center Outlines How Much Alcohol Is Too Much

Sante Fe, N.M.Shadow Mountain Recovery, an addiction treatment center located in Sante Fe, N.M., recently published an article on the difference between moderate and excessive drinking. The article was released with the goal of educating New Mexicans that often contemplate if they are drinking too much alcohol.

As the Land of Enchantment remains a leader in lives lost due to excessive alcohol consumption, the spread of correct information remains important. In New Mexico, more than 1,000 lives were lost to alcohol-impaired driving from 2009 to 2018. Annually, more than 10,000 American lives are lost due to drunk driving.

Shadow Mountain Santa Fe - Rehab Center Outlines How Much Alcohol Is Too Much

“The CDC considers drinking in moderation as a man having two or fewer standard alcoholic beverages in a given day,” a spokesperson for Shadow Mountain Recovery said. “When a man reaches 65 years of age, the number of drinks drops down to one. One is also the number of drinks allotted for women on any given day. Anything more than what is considered moderate drinking is enough to make you examine your drinking habits.”

The article explains that alcohol use disorder is not determined by the number of standard drinks you consume but more by the feelings you receive from drinking and the reason for drinking in the first place. It is possible for a person to drink in moderation and never have an alcohol use disorder.

The article points out that according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a person is considered to be drinking heavily if they have more than four drinks on any day and more than 14 drinks per week if they’re a man, and more than three drinks on any day and more than seven drinks per week if they’re a woman.

Shadow Mountain Recovery is a community of addiction treatment facilities throughout New Mexico specializing in detox and evidence-based treatment. The recovery center in Sante Fe offers medically assisted detox, along with a residential rehabilitation program.

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