Reel Time Fishing Offers Columbia River Fishing Guides

Clarkston, WA based Reel Time Fishing is pleased to announce that they are offering Columbia River fishing guides for those who wish to have a unique fishing experience in the Columbia River.

There are many reasons why people would choose to go fishing in the Columbia River. It is a large river that contains a wide variety of fish species, such as three types of Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon, Walleye, Bass and many others. Its waters are also suited for a large range of fishing methods. The full time guides at Reel Time Fishing are skilled at using these different methods at the right locations to catch certain types of fish. They troll herring or anchovies behind flashers at the mouth of the river to catch Chinook and Coho. They also pro-troll flashers using super bait lures and so on up the river. To catch salmon near their spawning areas, the guides use a variety of techniques. They may troll eggs behind divers, hover fish in deep pockets, or side-drift in faster moving waters. To catch Walleye, they troll bottom walkers with worm harnesses, crankbaits or jigs. They impart this knowledge to their customers so that they may have a successful day of catching fish and having fun.

Columbia River Fishing Guides

There are several places in the Columbia River where people can go fishing, as it is a huge body of water that begins in Canada and flows into the Pacific River. Reel Time Fishing offers trips with full-time guides in a large portion of these areas. The places they cover include Astoria, Portland, Rufus, John Day Dam, Maryhill State Park, Tri-Cities, Hanford Reach, Ringold, Wells Dam and Brewster. Those who wish to experience farming in the Columbia River may avail themselves of Reel Time Fishing’s services to ensure a great time.

Reel Time Fishing is a fishing outfitter owned and operated by Toby Wyatt. Toby has more than 30 years of experience as a fishing guide and was the youngest person to be voted as one of the top 25 guides on the west coast by Salmon & Steelhead Journal. He founded Reel Time Fishing to offer personalized fishing trips in the various rivers of Idaho, Oregon and Washington. The majority of their fishing tours occur in Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, but they also take their boats to other areas in the Northwest. The personalized fishing trips that they organize and provide are best for catching Steelhead, Salmon, Sturgeon, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and Kokanee. Some of the rivers that they provide trips to include the Clearwater River famous for its Steelheads, the scenic Snake River, the remote limited-access Grande Ronde and the Dworshak Reservoir packed with Smallmouth Bass and Kokanee.

Reel Time Fishing offers trips based on bodies of water, species or city. No matter which options their customers choose, Reel Time Fishing guarantees that they will provide the best fishing experience possible for their customers and their customers’ guests.

Those who have previously availed Reel Time Fishing tours have highly positive comments to share about the company’s work. Hunter Crose says in a 5-Star Google review, “Awesome sturgeon fishing experience on the Snake river south of Clarkston. Jim, our guide, was a true pro. Not only was he fun to talk to and be around, he clearly knows his stuff and really worked hard to put us on fish. We caught a 6-foot fish and another in the 8.5-foot range, but even if we hadn't been successful, it still would have been a wonderful day. I would highly recommend this outfit and would love to go again. Follow the recommendations on the website and take appropriate gear. If we had not had the right raingear, footwear, etc., it could have been a very long day, as there was rain, wind and all of the other stuff you can experience in that part of the world.”

Colton Justus says in another 5- Star review, “Josh and Travis were really awesome guides, We fished Bass with a larger group than normal, and the whole experience was amazing! We all left very thankful! We started early, it rained but it was still so fun, the guides knew just where to go and we caught many good sized fish. We all loved it!”

Those who wish to have a great time while fishing are welcome to visit Reel Time Fishing’s website to learn more about the fishing tours that they offer. The company can also be reached through their social media channels.


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