Redmond WA Plumbing Service Blog Discusses Ways to Pet-Proof Plumbing

My Plumbing Redmond just recently published another blog article on their website. This new blog post is titled ‘How to Pet-Proof Your Plumbing’. As the name suggests, it’s a blog that gives advice to help people keep their 4-legged friends safe as they wander around the house and sometimes come near plumbing fixtures where potential hazards exist. This is just one of the many blogs this reputable company has posted on plumbing subjects that are not often talked about but important nonetheless.

“Although most plumbing piping and fixtures are designed to be safe for pets to be around, there are some situations regarding plumbing that can pose a threat to animals,” says the company spokesperson, Rodney Morris. “Since most of us treat our pets like family, we never want to see anything happen to them. Being pet lovers here at My Plumbing Redmond ourselves, we decided to write a blog about what we have learned when it comes to keeping pets safe around plumbing.”

The blog started by mentioning that although accidents involving pets and plumbing are very rare, 1/3 of American homes have pets, so potential dangers still exist for 4-legged household members who find themselves near certain types of plumbing. It also mentioned that pet-proofing plumbing involves many of the same steps that child-proofing home plumbing does. This includes making sure that there are no areas of a home that have exposed piping. Something that is even more important for pipes that carry hot water for obvious reasons. Homeowners who bathe their pets in tubs and showers should also make sure they have balancing valves in place. The blog states this will keep them from getting scolded while the hot water is running and someone flushes a toilet. It was also mentioned that all drains in tubs and showers should have drain covers over them. This is not only a good idea when it comes to keeping a pet’s paws from getting caught in a drain as they are bathed, but it also keeps drains from getting clogged up with pet hair. The article mentioned that it’s important to keep toilet lids down whenever drain cleaner or cleaning chemicals have been placed into a toilet. If left open, curious pets will sometimes attempt to drink this water. These chemicals can make a pet very sick or even suffer a worse fate. Yard sewer lines must also be properly maintained in a yard to help keep pets safe. The blog post says that any settling of sewer and septic lines that causes ditches to form in the ground can catch and injure a pet’s leg as they run about a yard. It was also brought up in the article that pets should be watched at all times when they play in a yard. This is to keep them from digging near plumbing or any other types of utility lines in a yard because of the potential for injury that comes with them doing this.

Morris went on to say that anyone in Redmond or the surrounding areas that has concerns that their plumbing may not be safe for their pets, is welcome to call them and schedule an overall plumbing inspection. The company will not only go out to the customer's home and make sure their plumbing is pet-proof, but they will check for other common plumbing issues too. He says that many times during these inspections their knowledgeable techs will find small leaks and other plumbing problems and correct them. This can keep a small plumbing problem from becoming one that gets bigger and much costlier to repair if left undetected. In addition to doing inspections on people’s plumbing, My Plumbing Redmond also has a favorable reputation when it comes to doing Water Heater Repair, Drain Cleaning, Sewer Repair, Quick Leak Detection, and all types of residential & commercial plumbing services. They even offer after-hours emergency plumbing services. Those who would like to know more about this Redmond WA Plumbing company can call them, send an email to them, or fill out the contact form that’s found on their website.


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