Redmond Oregon Tree Service Blog Sheds Light on When it’s Time to Cut Down a Tree

DR Trees Redmond has just published a new blog post on their website. This newly posted article tries to give some clarity to homeowners on when it’s time to cut down trees. They realize that taking down trees is something that home and business owners are not always comfortable with, yet there are times when it needs to be done. This is just one of many blogs this reputable tree service has posted to help home and business owners in the Redmond, Oregon area make informed decisions about their essential tree needs.

The company spokesperson, Cory Long, says, “We hate to say any tree come down, after all, we make our living taking care of trees. They also create most of the air that we breathe and even help filter the air around us to make it cleaner. Despite how beneficial trees are, there are times when it’s prudent to cut them down. The blog article we just posted will give home and business owners a guideline as to when tree removal is either beneficial or should be done as a proactive step to avoid potential problems.”

The newly posted blog article started by saying that there are sometimes obvious reasons to take down trees. Among the most apparent reasons is when a tree is dead or dying. It mentions that trees in this condition can very quickly become a hazard because they are in a weakened state. When this happens, large branches may come down unexpectedly and cause damage or the entire tree may fall during a strong storm which brings with the possibility of doing extreme structural damage or worse yet, causing injuries. The blog also mentioned that tree location plays a part in the decision as to when it’s recommended to take down any tree. Trees growing too close to buildings, playgrounds, homes, and other structures are often removed to prevent potential problems when inclement weather strikes. There is also the need to remove a tree if they are constantly growing into power lines or they are big trees whose root structure has become invasive to sidewalks, driveways, foundations, and more. The recently published blog article also informed a little about the cost of tree replacement and about how to bring sick trees back to good health so they do not have to be removed.

According to Long, reading a blog like the one they just posted only covers the basics. That’s why he recommends to those that think they have a tree that needs to be removed but are unsure, to give a tree professional such as them a call. They can come out to a home or business and help the owner decide if one or more of their trees should be taken down. He also cautioned against any home or business owner trying to take down a tree on their own. It’s a very dangerous task that’s best left to professionals that have the knowledge and equipment to do this essential tree task safely. The company spokesperson stated that there are other benefits to having tree care experts remove a tree too. Their company also can completely remove the stump so the ground area where the tree once stood becomes fully useable again. He pointed out that they also have the necessary equipment that’s required to chip up branches, cut parts of the fallen tree into firewood, and do a thorough yard cleanup.

Long went on to mention that tree removal and stump grinding are by no means the only essential tree services that they offer. They also do a great job keeping trees looking good and healthy. He says that their skilled crews do this by performing such beneficial tree tasks as trimming, pruning, crown thinning, and crown raising. Home and business owners that would like help from this Redmond Oregon Tree Service deciding if they need to take down one or more trees on their property can call them, send them an email, or fill out the form found on the ‘contact us’ page of their website.


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