Redmond-Based Tree Service Company Releases Blog Post Detailing Tree Transplant Tips

Tree Surgery Redmond, a Redmond, Washington tree service company, has been busy releasing several articles outlining lawn and tree care. One of these articles is aimed at those who want to transplant their trees without killing them. As the site states, “Moving established shrubs from one location to another is one method of changing your landscape and saving money at the same time. The job may be intimidating, but good preparation will make the project somewhat easier and less time-consuming. Careful attention to recommended practices (root pruning, methods of digging and root protection) will improve your chances of success in getting a plant off to a good start after you move it.”

The company behind the site has been seeing an increase in the number of calls they were getting because many people want to protect their trees from frost. Although not many tree varieties are susceptible from frost, in fact a lot of them have natural defense mechanisms when temperatures start to drop, some trees thrive in the cold better than others. The site recommended a number of methods that people can use to transplant their trees to warmer locations on their lawn such as near an external radiator or to protect them from strong winds.

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According to the article, tree transplanting takes much more time and expertise than typical tree care duties. One of the things that people have to take extra care of is tree root care. This is because transplanting requires finicking with tree roots. Sprawling roots have lots of responsibilities—like anchoring the tree in place, transporting water, and storing nutrients. That’s why cutting roots before transplanting can do some serious damage, and in worst cases, kill the tree. Before anybody attempts to prune roots on their own, they need to know the proper steps in order to not damage the tree or worse, kill their tree.

Furthermore, the site stated that the transplanting process starts with tree root pruning. Trees can’t keep all of their roots in the move, so the task is to prune roots to establish a new root ball, which will eventually be transported to the new planting site. The article also provided a detailed step-by-step guide on how to prune tree roots before transplanting. As the article states, “Measure the diameter of your tree by wrapping a measuring tape around the tree, four feet from the tree’s base. Then, divide that number by 3.14. Generally, you can safely prune roots that are 3 to 5 times the diameter away from your tree. So, if your tree has a diameter of 3 feet, only cut tree roots 9 to 15 feet away from the tree. Decide on the best next step. For your safety and for the health of your tree, you should avoid cutting tree roots if the roots are thicker than 2 inches wide, or the tree is more than 2 inches in diameter. Instead, ask a professional arborist to handle the job.”

Additionally, the article also points out that the best time to prune roots of a tree to be transplanted depends on whether you are moving it in spring or in fall. Those which will be transplanted in fall (October to November) should be pruned in summer after leaf-out. If Spring planting is desired (March to April) then root pruning should take place in late fall-early winter. Depending on the tree type, six months is usually the optimum wait time between root pruning and transplanting.


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