Redesign Packages for Established Business Owners Hard Hit by COVID Now Available from Boise Web Design Firm

Sharp Tack Media, a Boise website design firm, has announced that they have begun providing $1500 website redesign packages for established business owners who have been hard hit by the COVID pandemic as way to help enhance their online standing in a quickly changing digital landscape. The company is made up of design and branding experts who have over 15 years of industry experience. They don’t just provide website design services but also digital marketing, branding, and consultations.

Deb Wise, co-founder of Sharp Tack Media, says, “We know there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. That’s why we have a number of different options for businesses in all phases of the process and all budgets. In addition to a number of specially designed pre-made templates, we can also do highly customized solutions so you’re sure to get exactly what you need.”

She adds, “And the principles that guide our work include creativity, integrity, quality, and innovations. We always use the latest industry practices to ensure that you will have a marketable and long-lasting digital resource. And because the digital world is always evolving, we always ensure the continuous education of our team of professionals to make sure that they are knowledgeable on the most up-to-date strategies to get things done effectively and efficiently.”

The website design service that they provide will vary depending on the needs of the client. Their over 15 years of experience has made them understand that there could be no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to web design. Each business is unique and will have different specific needs. Thus, aside from offering pre-made templates, they also provide custom-fitted solutions that have been developed specifically for each particular client.

For those who are in e-commerce, they can provide a website design that has been especially set up to provide them with an advantage over their competitors. They will ensure that the e-commerce store will have all the necessary functions for e-commerce, such as order fulfillment and payment processing. This will enable the client to get his or her e-commerce business up and running as quickly as possible and start generating profits that can be used to further grow the business.

Also important is ensuring the security of the website. Business sites are often the target of unscrupulous people, such as hackers and thieves. If the website is lax in security, its owner may soon find that it has been hacked and the personal data of customers might get compromised. This could cost the business to lose thousands of dollars. The security experts at Sharp Tack Media would use the most up-to-date security protocols to protect the website from hacking and other malicious attacks.

And after the website is finally completed, the professionals at Sharp Tack Media can also help the client with website management. This will allow the business owner to focus on managing the business since the website management professionals will take care of the various needs of the site, such as posting content at regular intervals on the site, updating information about the e-commerce products or adding more products, making updates to the website, and performing maintenance on the website.

For the e-commerce design process, there are various elements that they will take into account. These are web design, user experience, payment gateways, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO). They specialize in the WooCommerce open-source e-commerce plug-in for WordPress. For this specific platform, they will provide effective product descriptions, daily offers and bulk discounts, and more. They will ensure that the e-commerce site don’t just contain generic and boring product descriptions. They will look at the various products, consider the purpose of each product and the theme of the store, and they will provide accurate, descriptive and powerful product descriptions that attract customers.

Those who are looking for a Boise web design company may want to visit the Sharp Tack Media website or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.


For more information about Sharp Tack Media, contact the company here:

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