Red Kite SEO Helps Businesses Modernize Marketing Efforts With Local SEO Services

Sheffield, UK based Red Kite SEO pleased to bring their search engine optimization expertise to local businesses that want to boost their marketing efforts and draw in a larger stream of customers. The company specialises in helping businesses in Sheffield as well as the surrounding areas be found by communities that are most likely to be interested in their offerings.

According to the agency, many business owners have yet to learn much about search engine optimization let alone embrace it as fully as they may want to, given the potential it has to improve their business. Furthermore, local search engine optimization can fine tune this effect even further, allowing each client to carve out their niche and uncover which combination of keywords and other marketing strategies are most likely to bring customers to their door.

Pete Hogg, a representative from the agency, further elaborates that, “We help businesses discover what their customers want the most from them and then aggressively capitalize on this information to ensure that everyone in the region has a way of finding out that our client provides the goods or services in question. You may have a particular item and so on that only a few businesses offer, so telling people about this can make them more likely to shop at your store. What many businesses owners try if they have yet to become accustomed with local SEO is to advertise the full scope of their products or services without using the type of SEO feedback that might make this task easier for them.”

For instance, Hogg explains, small business owners will likely use their sales data to look at which items are selling the best and then orient their advertising efforts around that particular item. However, SEO allows this to be done for a variety of items at the same time since they will likely be associated with different keywords. This has two benefits that many will appreciate immediately. One of these is the ability to dedicate some marketing towards lower-volume products without sacrificing the investment that could have been made for products more likely to sell (generating more revenue over time). On the other hand, this data can also help a business identify whether or not any of the items they normally cannot sell well are actually in demand among certain communities.

Given that a staggering 85% of customers now search for local businesses online before ever leaving their homes or planning a trip outside to do their shopping, this is vital feedback that no business should be doing without. Hogg adds that the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic only served to illustrate how well customers would take to looking up all the information they want online when given a good enough reason, and this shift may not settle back into pre-pandemic numbers once the health crisis is concluded. Therefore, Hogg says, businesses must take the measure of partnering with a local SEO expert they trust in response. Fortunately, the team at Red Kite SEO has long proven that they are as trustworthy as they are capable.

A review from Sarah Jones awards the company and their team a full 5-Star rating for the assistance they provided. Shared on the Google platform alongside several other reviews, Jones’ testimonial states that, “Red Kite SEO helped me get my website off the ground, helped generate more sales by getting my website higher in Google search and helped me understand what needed to be done in order to maintain and generate business in my website. This was all new to me, so thank you!”

A similarly high-rated review from Dan Bull, also posted to the Google platform, states, “I highly recommend Red Kite SEO for digital marketing, the work Pete did on my website is working brilliantly. I'm getting more calls than before and he's easy to work with. I'm confident the search engine optimisation will continue to bring in gains over time. Thanks for the top class work!” This review also lists the company’s professional conduct, high quality of service and sheer responsiveness among their best aspects, and Red Kite SEO affirms that these are the qualities they strive to uphold with every single client.

Additional information can be found on the agency’s official website, and those interested in discussing how their business can succeed with the help of SEO are welcome to contact Pete Hogg at their earliest convenience. The agency can also be reached through their social media channels.


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